Letters to the editor

Rambling with Mrs. Arlene

Praise the Lord everyone.  I hope everyone is kicking high this week.  If you’re Sunday morning and night services were as exciting as ours, then we should have enough spiritual fuel to keep us going until we can get back together with our church family this Wednesday night.  You know God had a plan when he told us in his word to no forsake getting together with other Christians.  This is how we become stronger in the Lord.  We gather strength from each other.  We are supposed to encourage and strengthen our brothers and sisters.  We are supposed to help each other when there is a need.  There’s nothing to compare with being in a church where the people are close.  It’s not hard at all to welcome in the presence of our Lord and savior.  All you have to do is begin to sing and pray and worship him.  Call on the name of Jesus and he will come down and heal your body.  He’ll encourage you and let you feel that sweet peace that passes all understanding.  As for myself, I just drift away and get lost in what I’m feeling.  Then when I quit worshiping I feel so good.  It’s like floating away on a cloud, and it’s like you’re so relaxed and nothing can ever be wrong again because God is in control.

But even though being lost in the spirit are good times, we know we still have to come back down to Earth.  But the Bible teaches us that we’ve got to hold on and stay in the faith until Jesus returns.  He may return for me tonight or twenty years down the road.  No one knows what day or hour God will call our name.  The important thing is to be ready when that call comes.

There is one word the Bible speaks about that I think holds the key to a lot of questions and answers.  That word is faith.  Did you know that faith is a choice?  There are times when everything comes against us and fear takes over and our world seems to crumble all around us.  This is when we have to rebuke the powers of Hell that are trying to destroy us, give Satan a black eye, and put him on the run by calling out the name of Jesus.  Just remember that if you will surrender all to God and believe he will come through for you because you did your part, then your faith will take your right on through.  So just hold on no matter what.

Listen boys and girls, men and women.  I love you all.  As before, I’ll say again, Jesus loves us all.  To all my cousins down around Jackson: “You’re all so special (you too, Wayne).”  Thank you for your encouragement.  For all my readers, thank you for every kind word.  It’s been a long way back for Joe and I.  We are doing much better.  Everyone gets lost in the fog sometimes, but it’s so wonderful when the fog lifts and you can see clearly.  God is a good Lord and savior.  Someday we will be with him in heaven and make ourselves ready.  Please go to church somewhere Wednesday night or Sunday.  Call me at 662-724-4691 or write 40 West Alice Street, Noxapater, MS 3946 if I can help you, encourage you, or pray with and for you.

Arlene Barrett