Letters to the editor

Cornerstone Clinic ready to serve

Exciting events are taking place all around us in Winston County.  Ribbon-cuttings for our new Winston Medical Center and Winston Plywood and Veneer have kept us in the spotlight with positive news.  While most of our area is pushing forward and making progress, there are still those who live below the poverty level around us.  This is where the organization of Cornerstone Clinic comes to the aid of our local community.

Cornerstone is an active 501c(3) nonprofit organization that began in 1999 as a collaborative effort of the churches and the medical community of Winston County.  Located at 2286 South Church Avenue, the clinic addresses the medical needs of those in the county who are uninsured and receive no government assistance.  These residents have to make tough decisions with their limited income on a day to day basis.  Choices have to be made between getting required medications and purchasing food.  They often avoid much needed medical attention as they struggle to make ends meet.

Cornerstone Clinic is staffed by volunteers – doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, clerical staff, and janitors.  The services offered include free office visits, some medications, and limited lab work.  Seeing an average of 50 patients per month, the clinic is supported entirely by donations from individuals, churches, civic organizations, businesses, and reimbursements for medical records.  Currently, the clinic is open on the first and third Tuesday afternoons of each month.

Our annual meeting will be held on May 9th in the Multi Purpose Room at Winston Medical Center’s Administrative Building at 6:00 P.M.  The public is invited to attend as we elect officers and board members for the 2017-2018 year.  It will be a great opportunity to learn more about the clinic and its services.  If you are unable to attend and feel led to support Cornerstone Clinic please mail your membership fee of $25 or any donations to Cornerstone Clinic P. O. Box 561 Louisville, MS  39339.  All volunteers must be members in good standing.  

We covet your continued prayers for this important organization within Winston County.


Darlene Bane

2016-2017 President


Watergate to today

While reading, again, the history of the Watergate episode which led to the articles of Impeachment against Richard M. Nixon, I came across the following clause which was included as part of the reasons for impeachment.

“Making false or misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States…” (Part of Article 1 of Impeachment)

In other words, Nixon was charged with lying to the American people. This was just one of many charges against him.

My question to your readers is: When will the process begin against Donald J. Trump? Beyond any doubt, he is guilty of the charge, guilty many times over. Rather than suffer conviction, Nixon took the easy way out and resigned the presidency. GOOD RIDDANCE, and may it happen again, soon.

Ed Truex