Letters to the Editor

Rambling with Mrs. Arlene

Praise the Lord everyone.  I apologize one more time for being absent from the paper for several weeks.  My granddaughter, Emerald Barrett, types the article and e-mails it to the paper and puts it on Facebook.  She has been so busy with school and now she is going to different towns for 2 weeks at a time doing her clinical and in her spare time is studying for her national and state board exams.  Next May 2018, she will graduate and will be Dr. Emerald DeNae Barrett.  We are so proud of her.  Thank you for all of the calls and cards since I’ve missed getting my article in.  It’s very much appreciated.  But all credit goes to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I’m so privileged that he chose someone like me to write this article he give me, and let it touch so many lives, as well as my own life and the lives of my children.

I feel in the Lord to talk to you today about something the Lord ahs really been dealing with me about.  I don’t know how it is in other countries, but do you realize in America today that it’s about trying to make more and more money.  Before you know it, your children are grown and gone and you look back with regret when you see all the opportunities you missed to spend time with them because you needed to work and make more money, and for what?  Did you use any of it to further the kingdom of God?  Did you help people you saw in need?  Did you buy a lot of things to have when you die so your children could fight over who got something they wanted and end up falling out with each other.  Understand there’s nothing wrong with saving money.  I believe God wants us to do that as long as we don’t let it become our God.  I believe he would have us to pray and ask him to show us when and where we can be a blessing to others.

The Bible speaks about in the end time there will be a falling away of people from the church.  Have you ever seen the time when in nearly every church there are so many people whom just drop out?  Attendance is down everywhere.  Please don’t turn your back on God and leave him out of your life.  If you’ve ever known him, hold on and don’t let go.  If you’ve never been to church on a regular basis, I beg you to find a church and start going.  God will bless you.  Please don’t shut God out of being a daily part of your life.  He is what it’s all about.  He died a horrible death on the cross so that we could have a good life and live for him and in the end go be with him in Heaven for all eternity.

The devil is smart.  Any way he can figure out to hinder us, he’ll do it.  See if this sounds familiar.  Do you ever make plans to spend time with family or go visit someone who is sick but then you look around and you need to clean house and wash clothes or cut grass and clean up outside or whatever it is?  We miss opportunities one after the other to reach out and then it’s to late.  Pretty soon it just doesn’t matter anymore.  We get caught in the trap of shutting ourselves off from everything and everyone and it steals our joy.  It’s really sad too.

I have five cousins who are sisters:  Faye, Ruth, Reta, Jean, and Linda.  They live down around Jackson.  They had a brother named Dalton who lives in Indiana.  He died several years ago.  He had three children and they all live in different states way up north.  They had not seen each other for a while but kept in touch by phone.  They decided they wanted to get to know their family in Mississippi.  So all of them and their families and the five aunts and their families and some of us cousins met today in Brandon, MS and oh my what a time we had.  It had probably been 20 or more years since I saw Dalton’s children.  It was totally amazing.  We cried a little and laughed a lot.  This is what it’s all about.  It’s not about who we are, what kind of house or car we have, what kind of clothes we wear, or like I said how much money we have.  My family on my mother’s side is very close.  We get together a lot.  For this I am so thankful.  But I fail God so many times because he puts it on my heart to visit the nursing homes and hospital and I mean to do it, but my excuse is that I have a day care and I work out of my wheel chair to watch the children, cook, clean, and I’m just busy from early morning to late night.  Also, I can’t go anywhere by myself because I have to have help with my wheel chair.  Well poor little me.  God forgive me.  Where there is a will there’s a way.  I’ve got to step up and do better.  Our bodies are the temple of God.  I go to Church faithfully but it’s just a building.  It’s a place to assemble with other Christians to lift each other up and help strengthen and encourage each other.  Our bodies are the temple of God.  Use it like God intended us to.  So get in there and fight for the cause of Christ.  He loves you.  He’s always there reaching out just waiting for us to turn to him and be faithful.

I love you guys.  Call me at 662-724-4691 or write me at my new address 40 West Alice Street, Noxapater MS 39346-9415 if I can help you.  Just remember excuse is just a cop out.  It takes a real man or women to make a stand for what is right.  Make that stand.  Don’t be lost.  God bless you all.

Arlene Barrett


Austerity Obsession

We Mississippians’ often have to bear witness to our political leaders glad-handing and backslapping over their being able to sock away more and more money into the, “Rainy Day Fund,” In my humble opinion when we have in our state underfunded schools, shortages of law enforcement officers, not to mention poor roads and other infrastructure along with condemned bridges, every day in our state is a rainy day. The second component to this obsession is with the desire to cut taxes at every turn. We Mississippians once again have to bear witness to the ideological massage of smaller government, less spending, and lower taxes which on its surface sounds like a good thing. However, there is a saying that goes like this, “even too much of a good thing is not a good thing,” Oh, and by the way has any one heard of us that pay seven cents of every dollar that we spend getting a tax cut here of late. Continuing to cut taxes in spite of underfunded schools, not enough law enforcement officers, dewlapped bridges and poor roads is too much of a good thing. It is my opinion that this disconnect has three main components, the first one being apathy a lack of concern from too many of our citizens about what goes on in our state. Secondly to many of our politicians are listening to smaller and smaller segments of our population simply because they dominate and control the political lob binging in our state not to mention the purse strings of our election process. And by the way, believe it or not, we now have outside ideological groups funding causes in our state. Our political leaders and their supporters seem to be desirous of constructing a society of extreme haves and have nots the politics and economics of exclusion, denial, and exploitation.

Submitted by,

Onzie Glenn




In the June 14 edition of the Winston County Journal the Journal staff made 12 typo erros in Ed Truex’s column. Mr. Truex’s column was submitted error free.

We apologize for any issues the errors may have caused.