Letters to the Editor

Reaching out

The Urban Wisdom Club is a nonprofit organization based out of Louisville, Mississippi. We are seeking to reach out to young males ages 5-18 in an attempt to guide them, team them humility, and update them on the current necessities that you will need to transform into a man in this day in age. We are encouraging young men that are lacking a real male role model to join our club. Our mission is to reach the adolescence of our community in an attempt to make a difference and start here in our hometown where we see a dire need. To do this, we need sponsors to help provice necessary items we will need to help progress throughout our journey. We, as the founders of the Urban Wisdom Club, are requesting for your sponsorship/donation for this organization. It is a great cause for the community and we would love to have you as a sponsor. We look forward to having you on our team. Thank you,

-Jarrius Carter 662-803-2803

-Kylan Harris 662-803-5384

-Isaiah Woods 662-803-8725


Help the animal shelter

Thanks for the article about the Louisville Animal Shelter.  Barbara Yarbrough deserves sainthood for all she does at the facility.  Unfortunately, many people refuse to spay or neuter their animals, even though there are programs in place through the Oktibbeha  Humane Society to defray much of the cost.  Believe me, your pet is not sitting around anticipating his/her sexual future.  Spaying or neutering protects them from not only producing babies (the guys are responsible too) but protects them from several kinds of cancer.  And men, who seem particularly nervous about the idea of their pet’s neuter, please understand it is not YOU being neutered!

For some time now, the Oktibbeha Co. shelter has tried to help the Louisville and other underfunded shelters as well as rescue groups by including some of their dogs in our twice-a-week transports to shelters that actually need animals whose adoption fees will support those shelters.  Hard to believe, but there are many shelters that do not have enough dogs and cats. The program is funded through grants and Louisville needs a good grant writer to apply for grants for the shelter.  Our (Starkville) shelter is funded through tax money and more of it comes to us through grants and generous donations from Oktibbeha Countians.  You can help your shelter by donating to the shelter, money and disposables (paper towels, laundry detergent, hand soap, hand sanitizer, and good quality dog and cat food, cat littler, etc.)  but most of all, volunteers to help with the work.  I am the trainer for new volunteers at the Starkville shelter and we get lots of volunteers, many of them MSU students.  Surely, there is a core of people in this county who could help Barbara.  I have tried to find out for some time what the budget is for this shelter and have failed.  If anyone knows, I wish you would tell me.  Thanks–spay/neuter is the answer to the overpopulation problem.

Sherrie Wiygul


Talked to Cochran

Mark Tyrone Collins went to Jackson, MS to meet and speak with Thad Cochran, MS Representative and Ms. Kim. Ms. Kim and I have known each other for a long time from inquiry concerns that I have spoken to her about. We took a picture and spoke about some legal concerns. Everyone in the office was very nice. They all said they have spoken with me.  When you put in for a job, it will ask you what is your highest grade completed. What will you say? Completing high school is good, but completing college is better. I, Mark, did not stop when it came to education. I do not give up until it is done.

-Mark Tyrone Collins