LFD provides community service

By Daniel Brunty The Winston County Journal

Many residents of Winston County have their own ideas of what the fire department does in their community. A lot of them think they just simply put out fires and respond to emergencies only. Not many of them see the other side of what they do for the community.

The Louisville Fire Department has been doing their part in community service, and has been for some years now. Many do not know about their service due to their modesty and their feeling that this is a part of their job that is just as important as putting out fires or responding to emergencies.

LFD Fire Chief Terry Johnson explained their role in helping all the citizens of Louisville and Winston County. “We do all kinds of community service,” Johnson said. “We have a smoke alarm program in which we have smoke alarms installed in places that need them. We have a public education program as well. The bottom line, when people call we help.”

An example of their service was displayed this past Wednesday when career firefighter Michael Moorehead and volunteer Chris Robertson went to the home of Ms. Shirley Hooks to provide a tarp over he roof of her home due to it leaking.

“I got a phone call from Ms. Hooks that she was getting water in her home around the electrical box,” Johnson said. “There was heavy rain at the time, so I decided to have a couple of our firefighters go to her home and put a tarp over her home until it stopped raining and she could get the leak fixed.”

Providing these types of community service has benefits not only for the recipient, but also for the fire department itself. “It is a preventive measure,” Johnson said. “If we didn’t do it, you are looking at an electrical fire.”

Johnson is hoping that the community service deeds done by the department will have a binding effect for the community and the department. “We look at it as taking care of our neighbors,” Johnson said. “The people pay for our service, so we should be able to supply it. We will do what we are asked to do, as long as it is within reason.”

Chief Johnson is very proud of the way the firefighters perform community service at any opportunity they have. “Most of the time, I don’t even know they are out performing some of these things, but that is a good thing,” Johnson said. “I am always proud when I am in the community and someone comments on something that one of the firemen has done for them.”

Every deed of community service is helping to maintain the quality of life in Winston County. “It’s a win for the community,” Johnson said. “It’s a win for us as well because we get to share a little bit with the community and show them we are still a part of that and we are still there.”