LHS holds ‘Rewards/Block Party’ for students

By Daniel Brunty The Winston County Journal

Louisville High School in conjunction with the school’s S.A.D.D. Chapter recently held their annual “Reward/Block Party” this past week at R.L. Hinze Stadium on the LHS campus. LHS Principal Kyle Hammond spoke of the purpose of the party and what it does to reward students who have achieved specific goals at the school. “It is a reward party for those kids who have met the criteria,” Hammond said. “We had four criteria we went by. If they had no referrals at all this semester, no absences this semester, if they were on the honor roll at any time this year, or if they scored advanced on their state test last year. So if they met any of the criteria, they would be allowed to participate in the fun day.” This year’s group of students had some very impressive stats in regards to these criteria. “There were about 250 students who got to go,” Hammond said. “And 211 of those had not had a single referral this year. I was real impressed with that.” The event allowed for the students to enjoy activities at the field such as volleyball, flag football, as well as just enjoying the day with their fellow classmates. The students were served snow cones and later on pizza and drinks. The weather for the event that day reached the 90’s. Helping the students cool off was a visit from the Louisville Fire Dept. Fire department members connected a water hose and sprayed it in the air for the students to play in. Hammond was glad the day recognized the students who are sometimes overlooked. “We try to give back to those students because we sometimes lose sight of them dealing with the other students,” Hammond said. “We don’t ever get a chance to appreciate them and thank them so this is just one way of doing it. Hopefully it will convince some of our other students to join them.”