Library fun

Library “Little Einstein” Awards Day held
Winston County Library’s “Little Einsteins” Reading Awards Day was recently held and was a fun day for all who attended.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????(Right) children’s librarian, Julie Chase seated with the program participants (2-5 year olds) after they received their prize bags (everyone went home with a prize bag).  Programs were held throughout the month of June.  On awards day, the children were treated to water fun when the Louisville Fire Department showed up to spray water on them, and (Center, right) Mrs. Kenisha Hughes, Dollar Tree Manager, donated 25 water guns for the occasion. She is pictured with children’s librarian Julie Chase.
(Below) Mrs. Hughes with the children. (Bottom) The children filling up their water guns from a wading pool behind the Chamber of Commerce.  They even squirted the fireman.