Lifetime resident publishes life story

By Daniel Brunty The Winston County

A lifetime resident of Winston County is ready to tell her life story in the form of a short novel soon to be released.

Mrs. Frances Stewart Ball is the author of “Front Porch Connection”, a look at her experiences of growing up in rural Mississippi. It tells of her early years of coming up with just enough essentials to what she describes as “a most enriched life.”

Ball begins her story with a rundown of her family tree and her immediate family’s beginning in the 1930’s, at the end of the Great Depression. She recounts different periods in past times, including family who participated in World War II, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina.

“The book is about my growing up years in the Murphy Creek Community as well as my adolescent life until now,” Ball said. “The church was about a quarter of a mile from our home, and the school was about two miles from our home. Those two places were the hub of our community. And the book mostly revolves around that time and those two places. I have strong memories of the happenings back then.”

The title of the book speaks to earlier generations of people who can relate to the meaning of the front porch and what it meant to society in the past. “I chose this title because during my growing up years, front porches were so important,” Ball said. “That is where everyone met. Everybody sat on the porch because there were no air conditioners back then and you could get a little air. Back then, about every house had a front porch. And a lot of things took place on the front porch.”

With the book spanning over a 75-year period, Ball was able to see what she describes as “two worlds”, meaning the times back then and the times now. “I wanted to write the book to show how things were back then and how they are now,” Ball said. “It is kind of a comparison. It is a different time of life. But it was a hard life but it was a good life. And I learned many principles from coming up the hard way. In this book it just describes a lot of happenings that took place in my home, my church, my community, my school. It is a comparison of those things to the present, which is very different.”

Ball feels like the book will touch the hearts of Winston county residents of her generation and hopefully will be embraced by today’s generation as well. “As I have grown older I decided to start writing these things down to be passed on to my children, my grandchildren, or for anyone else who would like to read it,” Ball said. I think it will be an enjoyable book.”

The book was published by Louisville Publishing, the company’s third book to be released. “Front Porch Connection” is now available for purchase. Contact Ball for ways to purchase.