LMSD and Head Start hold collaborative meeting

By Daniel Brunty
The Winston County Journal

Winston County Complex/Mississippi Action for Progress, Inc. and Fair
Elementary School joined together for a collaborative meeting on
April 18 at the Winston County Head Start Complex in Louisville.
Representatives from the Louisville Municipal School District and
Fair Elementary worked with the students several days before the
meeting, in hopes of helping them transition into the kindergarten
classes in their district. The collaboration in effect allows for
both parties to view a child’s level of education before they make
the transition to kindergarten.
Seven Head Start classroom teachers for the four-year-old children
worked with LMSD representatives during this time to make sure the
students were prepared for the testing and screening process. About
126 Head Start students will transition over to the LMSD.
The meeting began with a brief welcome from Center Administrator Dean
Miller. Next, a prayer was said for the upcoming meal for the meeting.
Up next was the activities portion of the meeting, which demonstrated
some of the lessons being taught to the students to help them reach
their goal of being prepared for the transitional phase.
After partaking in the meal, the program continued with comments from
the LMSD representatives and Head Start. Dr. Nola Bryant thanked the
LMSD and Head Start for their collaboration in regards to preparing
children for the testing phase. She also stated that teaching was a
seven days a week job, since most will think of ways to help their
students even when they are not on the clock.
Head Start representative Irene Smith thanked the LMSD staff for
working closely with the Head Start for the benefit of the students.
Fair Elementary Principal Leigh Ann Hailey also gave praise to the
Head Start for the very talented students they have taught, and
looked forward to them being great students within the district.
Head Start Regional Administrator Mattie Cooper also noted that she
expected an enrollment of 259 students in 2013. Of those 259, 8 of
those are children in the early Head Start program, which accepts
children from the ages of 8 weeks old to 2 years old.
The next order of the meeting was a Transition Visit from Ms. Linda
Bell. After, the tests were administered to the students.
After a Q&A session with the representatives following the test,
Smith wrapped up the meeting by informing them it was the last year
of the meeting, and wished everyone involved to have a good summer.
If you have any questions about Head Start enrollment you may contact
them at 662-779-0031.