LMSD Building needs becomes hot topic

From staff reports

The cost and division of the monies to each school for proposed buildings in the district have become a hot topic for the community.

The Louisville Municipal School Board will address those questions and concerns at a public hearing on Dec. 10 at 6 p.m. at the Noxapater Attendance Center Auditorium.

The public will have an opportunity to discuss proposed ideas for improving buildings and adding buildings in the district.

The board discussed the proposed ideas at its Nov. 14 meeting.

Superintendent Dr. William Wade outlined the needs in the district and how best to address those needs.

“We have needs on every campus in the district,” said Wade.

“There are building needs in the district but our focus should be on student achievement,” said Board member Cathy Edwards. “These (building) improvements should enhance student achievement,” said Wade.

The majority of the work would occur on the Nanih Waiya campus with a cafeteria set up for 250 to 300 students by renovating the tech prep building and adding area for the kitchen. The Nanih Waiya Campus would also receive new kitchen equipment, 7 new classrooms and a restroom and air conditioning in the gym.

Next in line for a portion of the work would be the LHS campus if the 12 classrooms are added to move the 7th and 8th grade to the LHS campus.

Wade noted that additional pre-k classes where needed at Fair Elementary, physical education facilities were needed at Fair and Louisville Elementary with plans to build those facilities.

Eiland Middle School would receive some updating especially to the gym area and Noxapater would receive some gym repair, football field lights and part of a hallway floor remodeled.

The proposed projects are estimated to cost about $7.5 million. The district would refinance its present debt of $1.8 million and borrow the funds to do the projects. The district would then owe about $9.3 million and would pay off the note over the next 10 years using the 3 mill note tax funds and Sixteen Section land revenues.

The proposed projects would take about 2 years and Wade hopes the projects can begin this summer.

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