LMSD-Head Start Partnership hold spring meeting

By Daniel Brunty
The Winston County Journal

The Louisville Municipal School District, in partnership with the Winston County Head Start Complex held its Spring Partnership Planning Meeting March 24 at Fair Elementary School.

The LMSD-Head Start Partnership Program was created to improve student’s reading skills before their transition to grade school by providing children the fundamentals that produce future reading success by focusing on pre-literacy activities.

Previously, the Partnership only held one meeting during the calendar year around the end of

Head Start teachers talk with teachers from Fair, Nanih Waiya, and Noxapater about preparing a child for kindergarten and building them a pathway to success.

Head Start teachers talk with teachers from Fair, Nanih Waiya, and Noxapater about preparing a child for kindergarten and building them a pathway to success.

the first school term, with the most recent being held on December 3, 2015. During the course of that meeting, reports were provided including teacher collaboration reports and MKAS and STAR data.

The Partnership determined that a second meeting during the second term of school would allow it to review the progress of students’ reading skills before they make their transition from Head Start to grade schools within the district.

This meeting allowed the Partnership to view post-assessments acquired after the previous meeting.

Dr. Nola Bryant served as facilitator for the meeting. Bryant mentioned to all those in attendance that the meeting was post-collaborative, with the Partnership looking to use this meeting to find out how ready the Head Start students are to make the transition to grade school.

Bryant also encouraged the teachers of both the Head Start and the school district to share information with each other to maintain a similarity in their curriculums.

After the greetings, the Partnership was given updates on the MKAS2 Testing, Head Start/Pre-K Registration, and the upcoming holiday schedule.

STAR scores reported during the meeting show that Fair Elementary has the majority of its students performing at or above the benchmark, showing a remarkable increase of students rise to this level since the previous reports.

Fair Elementary is just one example of the progress the Partnership has made in achieving its goal of having Head Start students enter grade school at a similar reading levels as their counterparts.

Ms. Liz Blackwell gave a report on the recent visit by teachers from the Head Start to Noxapater Attendance Center, followed with an update on the Head Start and LMSD graduations.

To further assist students in achieving their goals, Mr. Steve Eiland encouraged the Partnership to do everything in their power to help close the gap for some students before the upcoming fall term. He stated that even the simple things should be covered as well with the students.

A meal was provided at the meeting that was followed with the Teacher Collaboration reports.

Bryant reminded the Partnership that children from 0-5 years of age should be open to learning and learn all they need to. She encouraged everyone to do their best and told the teachers to give the students the wings to soar to be their best.