LMSD recognizes ‘Teachers of the Year’

By Daniel Brunty
The Winston County Journal

The Louisville Municipal School District Board of Trustees was
honored to take the time to recognize and acknowledge teachers and
parents with annual awards during their monthly meeting held on April
9 at 5:30 p.m.
The LMSD recognized six teachers, one from each school in the
district to receive the Teacher of the Year awards. The LMSD also
recognized one of those teachers as the District Teacher of the Year.
These awards are voted on by the teachers’ peers and recognize all
their hard work and dedication they have shown their respective
school over the past year. Then the State Department of Education
Teacher Center chooses one of the Teachers of the Year within the
district to be the District Teacher of the Year by using a certain
set of criteria.
Dr. Nola Bryant led the ceremony with a brief introduction of the
teachers. Those that received the illustrious award were Brigitte
Sheridan (Fair Elementary, Lisa Horne (Louisville Elementary), Hannah
Hardy (Eiland Middle School), Ruthie Haynes (Louisville High School),
William White (Nanih Waiya High School), and Kristen Kirkland
(Noxapater High School).
The District Teacher of the Year award honors went to Brigitte
Sheridan this year. Sheridan is a Pre-K teacher at Fair Elementary
who has 19 years of teaching experience. She will go on to represent
the district at the state level of the awards.
Due to an error involving the plaques, the Parent of the Year and
District Parent of the Year awards were moved until next month’s
meeting of the LMSD Board of Trustees.
Board members also gave praise to the honorees during the meeting.
Betty Byrd stated that the group was the “cream of the crop” in their
profession and explained the importance of being chosen by their
peers for this award. Board chairman Bobby Moody said this was one of
thew highlights of the school year, to recognize teachers who have
gone above and beyond the call of duty for their school.
Next on the meeting agenda was a presentation by Ms. Lakeisha
Jernigan, Project Coordinator at Ms. NFusion in Louisville. NFusion
is an initiative concentrated in bringing youth and young adults with
resources in their communities to help them transition into different
It offers mental health services, as well as bringing other types of
support to the forefront. Funding for NFusion is in partnership with
“Mississippi Transitional Outreach Project”.
Ms. Jernigan began her presentation by explaining the initiative to
the audience. She explained how the initiative is serving both the
Starkville as well as the Louisville area. Jernigan said NFusion is a
single point entry approach helping youth between the ages of 14-21
who have serious emotional disorders. The actual sites provide the
most stigma-free environment possible, making it easier for someone
to seek the service.
Jernigan’s purpose for speaking to the board was to get all the
schools in the county involved with this initiative. She stated that
the initiative would help to motivate them to set goals and
accomplish them. It also allows for parents to be involved with their
children’s’ lives more.
Jernigan also introduced one of their new services called “Talk About
It”. Explaining this program in detail was Carter Myers. Myers
explained how “Talk About It” is a technology partner with the
Department of Mental Health. Myers created the program in 2005 and
it was first instituted in the Pearl Public School District.
The basic premises of the program involves the channels of
communication that is most used by the youth today, mostly through
social media and texting. This program allows for youth to
communicate anonymously with authorized staff members in their school.
Myers showed statistically that most children would not speak up to
an adult about an issue. By using this program, it allows children to
bridge the gap to professionals who can assist in solving their issues.
By introducing the program into schools, it will create a larger
network of people for youth to open up to, while allowing contact
with them to be anonymous. Myers stated that other school districts
with this program have shown success in breaking the communication
barrier standing in the way of troubled youth who need help and the
ones who can provide that help.
In other news, the Board of Trustees:
Approved the Claims Docket and March 2013 Activity/Agency fund check.
Approved March 2013 bank balances and financial reports.
Approved to pay a bill to Judge Little for Louisville High School in
the amount of $12,060.80.
Approved to buy one (1) 2014 Freightliner Model 311TS bus in the
amount of $77,798.00 and two (2) 2014 Freightliner Model 221TS buses
in the amount of $79,579.00 each. The total amount for all three
buses will be $236,956.00.
Approved the Memorandum of Understanding of MSU Partnership.
Approved the Vocational Local Plan for the 2013-2014 school year.
Federal amount is $38,855.78 and the State amount of $310,726.98.
Discussed student transfer from Louisville School District to the
Kosciusko School District.
Discussed the Pre-K Program for the 2013-2014 school year with Mrs.
Penny Hill.
Discussed relocation of 6th grade for the 2013-2014.
Sixteenth Section. Approved to cancel a 3-acre expired residential
lease on Francoise Alton on 16-14-12. Lease expired on March of 2011
and there has been no contact with the leaseholder.
Approved to cancel a 3-acre residential lease on Chantal Yarber on
16-14-12. Lease expired on July 2011 and there has been no contact
with leaseholder.
Approved a new .2 acre residential lease for Derick Wooten on 16-14-12.
Approved to renew an expired lease on 2.5 acres for Shiloh Volunteer
Fire Department on 16-14-11.
Approved to add an additional 4 acres to the agricultural lease on
William T. Moody, Jr. These acres are from an amended lease for Blake
Fulton that was reduced from a 4.9 acre to a .9 acre lease on 16-13-14