LMSD Superintendent search narrowed

From press reports


The Louisville Municipal School Board contracted with the Mississippi School Board Association to conduct a search for the superintendent of the Louisville School District.

A meeting was held with the Louisville School Board on March 6, 2013 to discuss the procedure of the search and the development of the criteria for the superintendent. The Board agreed to have three stakeholder meetings to secure input from the community related to the criteria. Three stakeholder meetings were held on March 25, 2013. One meeting was at 4 p.m. for the faculty and staff, one was at 5 p.m. for the administrators, and the final meeting was at 6 p.m. for the community. The Board agreed on the criteria after considering the input from the stakeholders.

A brochure about the Louisville superintendent vacancy was prepared by Mrs. Linda Buford-Burks, MSBA Director of Communications, with the assistance of the Louisville School District. MSBA made the application and brochure available online on April 3, 2013. A memorandum from Dr. Mike Waldrop, MSBA Executive Director, dated on April 10, 2013, was mailed to education leaders and to the public relations/community relations professionals requesting the announcement concerning the vacancy be posted, and requesting assistance in publicizing the vacancy, recommending the vacancy to potential candidates, and/or personally applying for the position if interested.

Copies of the brochure were distributed to 484 school districts, colleges/universities School of Education and Administrator Preparation Programs. Information about the vacancy was published in the Mississippi School Board Association’s E News. Advertisements were placed online with the American Association of School Superintendents (AASA), Education Week (Ed Week), and the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NSBSE). Contacts were also made with some of the representatives of the National Association of Superintendent Searches.

The deadline to receive applications was established to be May 3, 2013. All completed applications received which were postmarked on or before May 3, 2013, were accepted and processed.

There were 17 applicants for the Louisville superintendent. One applicant withdrew. Among the remaining applicants are two superintendents, three assistant superintendents, three former superintendents, four directors, three school principals, and a consultant. Nine of the applicants have a doctorate degree. There are five female applicants and 11 male applicants. There are thirteen applicants from Mississippi, and one each from Arkansas, Indiana, and Oklahoma.

A complete and detailed report was made to the Louisville Municipal School Board by Dr. Mike Waldrop and Dr. Harold Fisher, MSBA Consultant, on June 3, 2013. The Board received the report and has taken it under advisement to study and determine the next course of action.