LMSD tables building project

From staff and press reports

The Louisville Municipal School Board voted 4-1 to table the proposed $7.3 million building project. The project had been proposed in November 2012 and a public hearing was held in December 2012. The matter was not addressed in the regular December board meeting.

Board member Bobby Moody suggested the board prioritize the list and put the projects out to bid. Board member Brenda Johnson made the motion to table the matter until a new board member was elected.

“If you vote to table it you are voting the whole project down,” said Moody.

After the vote to table the motion, Moody noted that all who voted to table the motion should vote for charter schools if it passes.

In other matters, the school trustees: • Approved the consent agenda including moving unused vocational equipment to Kemper County schools. • Discussed the use of consultants in the district. Board member Cathy Edwards questioned the amounts and use of funds to pay consultants. Superintendent Wade explained that the consultants were paid from various funds depending upon the work the consultant did from professional development to student instruction. “Each consultant files a report on what they did that day,” said Dr. Wade. “We are paying this much money and I’m not seeing any of the results,” said Edwards. “We need results.” • Examined the bank balances and how the claims dockets were addressed in each month and how other districts handle claims dockets. • Met with the new P-16 council which is a community engagement council formed to help the district improve from its present rating. • Reviewed the low perform rating of Louisville High School. Principal Kyle Hammond illustrated the past year’s scores and addressed the changes made with improvement on state tests and graduation rates in mind. “Louisville High School is on target to meet its goals,” said Hammond. • Discussed with Ella Smith, director of the Alternative School, the need and purpose of the alternative school program along with the Fast Track Initiative program to decrease dropout rate and increase graduation. • Discussed projections for each school on future MCT2 tests and QDI scores with Penny Hill presenting. • Discussed the abstinence only teaching program policy for the district and the students that are being taught the curriculum in each grade from 5th grade to 8th grade. The board had adopted abstinence only program versus abstinence plus education. • Discussed added security officers for the district and working with Police Department and Sheriff’s office to help cover school campus. •Approved aerial photographs of Sixteen Section land. • Discussed possibilities of a park on Sixteen Section land near Turnipseed Road.

The next regular school board meeting is Feb.12 at 5:30 p.m.