LMSD to hold stakeholder meetings March 25

From press and staff reports

Public input is being sought in the search for a new Louisville
Municipal School District superintendent.

The district will hold a series of stakeholder meetings March 25. In
three separate Stakeholder meetings on March 25 school employees and
the community will have an opportunity to share their views regarding
the qualities of the next superintendent of the Louisville Municipal
School District. ˇThe Stakeholder Meetings will be facilitated by Dr.
E. Harold Fisher, superintendent search consultant for the
Mississippi School Boards Association (MSBA). ˇMSBA has been employed
by the Louisville School Board of Trustees to conduct the
superintendent search. The service is expected to cost around $10,000.

The MSBA hopes to use the district stakeholder meetings to develop
information that will help shape the discussions during the interview
process of prospective candidates.ˇ

All Stakeholder Meetings will be held at Louisville High School,
using the following schedule:

4:00 P.M. – Teachers, Support Staff
5:00 P.M. – District Administrators
6:00 P.M. – Community Residents

Questions about the search should be directed to the Mississippi
School Boards Association (601) 924-2001.

The school board voted in a special meeting.

LMSD Superintendent William Wade announced his retirement and pursuit
of other activities in the January school board meeting.

MSBA was hired for the superintendent search in a special February
board meeting.