Local among Mississippi Student Advisory Board Efforts and Graduation

What can a child do? What can a group of teens get accomplished? In Mississippi, we have a group of 23 youth that over the past year have worked hard to make a difference in their communities, schools and state. They were a part of the Mississippi Student Advisory Board (SAB) for youth highway safety. Their goal was decrease the youth highway fatalities by decreasing youth impaired driving and increase seat belt usage.
Car crashes are the number one killer of teens in our country.
This year’s SAB started in July 2014, met in August and then held a statewide conference in September reaching 580 Mississippi teens. Not just any teens either, but school and community club officers. The SAB prepared youth highway safety focused skits, dances and scheduled workshops for the teens that attended on: impaired driving, seat belt safety, texting and driving, social media, Celebrate My Drive (State Farm), advisor training for the adult sponsors and a Rashad Jones, a national speaker. The SAB designed the theme, t-shirt, registration form, read evaluations and worked hard to improve for their next statewide conference in April.
SAB Graduation 2013-2014The 25th Annual Mississippi Teens On the Move was set for April 10th, 2014 at the Jackson Coliseum for 2,648 students and teachers in 7-12 grade from across Mississippi. They had two national speakers, Levar Fisher (former football player ) and Shannon Pickard: both focused on youth highway safety. The SAB planned the theme around a movie premier and the red carpet since this was the 25th Anniversary of Teens On the Move. They prepared skits that were movies that they changed to include highway safety messages. An example: Hunger Games was changed to Road Games where the youth acted out situations they are faced with every day that make the roads the #1 killer of teens in the real world. Another example: the song Say Something was performed by two SAB and the SAB on stage acted out a prom scene of what would happen if someone drank at Prom and then drove. There was a lighted memorial for the 2,621 teens lost in Mississippi over the past 25 years since 1989. There were awards given out to schools, advisors and students for their efforts in youth highway safety over the 2013-14 school years.
Youth, when challenged, will make as big of an impact as they are allowed. The Mississippi Office of Highway Safety and DREAM, Inc. have partnered together to provide an avenue for a group of high school students to make as big a difference as they can for the number one killer of teens in our country: car crashes. The SAB met 10 weekends; one whole weekend a month from July 2013-May 2014 to make their impact.
In May, DREAM, Inc.’s Mississippi Youth Highway Safety Programs Team held a graduation ceremony for the 23 SAB that pushed through their busy schedules to complete the SAB! Below are the students that graduated the 2013-14 SAB:
Skylar Adams—Louisville High School
Hannah Brown—Brandon High School
Tamaria Clay—Noxubee High School
Javarcia Ivory—Clinton High School
Melanie Groves— Murrah High School
Trevor Hensley—Greene County High
Antoniya Holloway—McLaurin High School
Emmanuel Howze-Warkie—MS School of Arts
Robert Hudson—Yazoo County High School
Aahliya Jones— Neshoba Central High
Keara Jones—Rosa Fort High School
Libby Li—Philadelphia High School
Kent Macon— Noxubee County High
Kelsey Mathews—Terry High School
Reagan Norwood— Biloxi High School
Tabitha Phillips—Pelahatchie High School
Avneet Singh—Clinton High School
Marion Stewart Noxubee High School
Maggie Stolz—Hancock High School
Keaton Taylor—Choctaw Central High School
Kensey Thomas—Brandon High School
Bryanna Young—Clinton High School
Logan Young— Greene County High School
To learn more about Mississippi Youth Highway Safety contact Tawni Basden at DREAM, Inc. 601.933.9197 or tbasden@dreaminc.org