Local BeeHive Homes “a buzz”

John and Robyn Mayfield and Dr. Dewitt and Peggy Crawford, owners of the assisted living home, BeeHive Homes of Louisville, recently attended the 26th National Conference of the BeeHive Homes. The conference was held in St. George, Utah. The logo for all BeeHive Homes is “Quality Senior Living in a Residential Setting.” The BeeHive Homes were founded 26 years ago when owners Twayne Walker and Dennis Toland could not secure a suitable home for their mothers. Their idea of “the next best thing to being at home” was founded on this. Today, twenty-seven states offer 150 loving, caring homes to seniors. The BeeHive symbol is derived from the state of Idaho, which is the state symbol of Idaho and is where Walker and Dennis built the first BeeHive Home. There are six BeeHive Homes in Mississippi. Mrs. Melba Reed is the Executive Manager of all of the Mississippi Homes, as well as being the Manager of the Louisville Home. To see more homes, visit www.BeeHiveHomes.com.