Local Hotel tax passes, Ball wins reelection

Louisville voters or at least 809 of those voters chose to pass a 2 percent tax on hotels and motels.

The tax is projected to raise approximately $40,000 annually, which is earmarked for improvements to parks and recreation to benefit tourism and economic development.

The measure passed by 78 percent of the voter or 455 votes. A 60 percent approval was needed to make the tax effective.

One other office on the ballot was challenged with Frances Ball winning reelection for a fifth term as Alderman At Large. Ball faced Larry Veazey. Ball received 452 votes and Veazey received 357 votes.


In Noxapater, 6 persons sought the five aldermen seats. The top five and earning seats on the board were Brian Burrage (77 votes), Chris Wells (72 votes), Robert Wall (70 votes), Tom Bartholomew (69 votes) and Jessie James Hudson (63). Bartholomew was the only new person elected, the other 4 were incumbents. Long time alderman Grady Suttle received 59 votes.

Sammy Carter was elected the new mayor after Tommie Gardner did not seek reelection.