Local organization featured on GAC’s Great American Heroes

From press reports

A Winston County based non-profit organization along with host Trace Adkins will be featured on Great American Country’s (GAC) new series ”Great American Heroes”. The show will air November 25, 2012 at 8P.M. Break-Away Outdoors began hosting hunting and fishing adventures for local underprivileged youth in 2003, and has currently introduced 300+ youth to the outdoors from all around the state of Mississippi.

This feat could not have been accomplished without the help and support from our local sponsors, land owners, and volunteers.

Excerpt from GAC’s website about the show:

“It’s time for the Neshoba County Fair and before Trace jumps on stage to perform for the large crowd, he meets up with a few different people who like to reach out and help others. Jay Stokes is one of those people. Jay believes everyone should get to experience the great outdoors, regardless of their personal circumstances. He’s made it his mission through his organization, Break-Away Outdoors, to help those who don’t have that opportunity get the chance to learn to hunt, fish and enjoy the experiences that nature has to offer. Whether they are a kid whose parent is away in the military, or they can’t afford the cost of gear and outfitting or if they have special needs, Jay’s door is wide open. Trace joins Jay and his group as they go fishing, skeet shooting and target practice”.

“Jay Stokes started organizing youth hunts in 2003, when he was managing deer for a private land owner.

He and some friends guided seven kids from Palmer Home for Children, a local foster home, on their first hunt. The hunt became an annual event and Jay then expanded to include more outdoors activities:

archery, fishing and camping. Jay also opened up the program to help children with disabilities. Jay’s father was not a hunter; in fact, it was a neighbor down the street who taught Jay to hunt. Now Jay is that neighbor giving other kids the opportunity to experience the great outdoors. Break Away Outdoors was officially registered as a non-profit in 2010 and continues to provide outdoor activities to kids in need year ’round”.

For more information about Break-Away Outdoors go to www.breakawayoutdoors.org