Local physical therapist is contributing author

From press reports

Wade Baskin, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Executive Director at GT Physical Therapy in Louisville, is published for the second time in a medical text book. Now in it’s fifth and fully updated edition, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy – Evidence to Practice has been released. Baskin authored the Repiratory Care Review Chapter. This text book is widely used throughout Medical and Physical Therapy Schools by professionals that care for those with heart and lung disorders. Baskin was the first dually credentialed Respiratory Therapist (1989) and Physical Therapist (1991) in the state of Mississippi. Although his interest was mostly orthopedic and sports medicine, he used his background in both disciplines to establish progressive programs for people with heart and lung disorders. In fact, two of his programs are still running today, and he recalls being the first to integrate strength training into cardiac rehab in our region. A controversial issue at that time, the use of weight training was only being researched and put into practice by 2 other organizations (US Navy and Boeing) in the US. Now, this type of therapy is a main-stay in state-of-the-art Cardiac Rehab programs. Baskin finds it interesting that his clinic uses many of the principles he developed back in the early 90’s in their rehab programs today to enhance healing. He notes, “there is magic when you use the perfect weight and the perfect repetitions when it comes to healing muscle, joint, and spine problems.” He firmly states that “Exercise to a Physical Therapist is like medicine; it is therapeutic, it has a purpose, and it must be prescribed correctly depending on the disorder.” When describing the his protocol, he says it’s the three “R’s” – Release (pain, aches, inflammation), Remove (restrictions, motion limitations), Restore (healing and healthy motion). Baskin’s specialties are now focused on using pain-free methods of resolving chronic pain, spine problems, and shoulder problems. He continues to work with patients while doing research, practice model development, product development and clinical teaching of new methods to rapidly relieve pain and restore motion. Taking on the toughest conditions successfully (like frozen shoulder, chronic back pain, headaches, failed surgeries, etc.) makes it easy to take care of the minor aches and pains that get in the way of moving and living like you want. Baskin’s approach has gained popularity and he has an active mentor program where other Doctors of Physical Therapy can train and learn these methods as well. This has lead to a GTPT clinic being opened in Richland, MS and the development of a new program soon to be released in our area. Staying true to his beginnings, many of his patients get a kick out of his insistence on learning proper breathing patterns to speed their healing. Also the Author of the e-book, Pain Free in 1-2-3, Baskin loves nothing more than making a positive difference in the lives of his co-workers and patients. Wade Baskin, PT, DPT, RRT is the Executive Director of GT Physical Therapy in Louisville. For more information, visit gtpt.net and wadebaskin.com.