Local woman celebrates 103 years of living

By Hanna Johnson McCain

A remarkable life summed up by working hard, living right, and loving with all one’s heart.

One hundred three years ago today Virginia Fant Martin was born in Choctaw County, Mississippi. Mrs. Virginia Martin was born to Mr. and Mrs. S.T. Martin on a hot July day. She celebrates 103 years of life today.

Seated in her living room in Noxapater, she recalls the past 103 years. Martin married W.D. “Doyle” on July 3, 1939. She recollects that a friend introduced the pair and they became inseparable ever since.

“We moved all over the state of Mississippi. That would take too long to tell you all the places we lived. We finally settled in Noxapater- my favorite place,” said Martin.

Martin described one of her fondest memories was moving into their new house in Noxapater with her husband, Doyle.

“We had a good marriage, full of many happy times. My only regret was when I lost my husband and that I couldn’t keep him longer. I loved him and he did me,” Martin reminisced.

At 103 years old Ms. Virginia Martin has a plethora of advice to give both the young and old.

“Go to college. Momma and Daddy were poor and couldn’t send me. I wish I could have gone,” said Martin.

Lacking a college degree did not stop Ms. Virginia from working hard. She worked outside the home at the Ladies Ready to Wear Department Store in Jackson and later managing the lunch room at Noxapater Attendance Center.

As one might assume living to 103 years old has brought many lessons that have been learned.

Laughing, Ms. Virginia stated, “Keeping my mouth shut was a hard lesson to learn! But on a serious note, learning how to cook and clean house were more difficult to attempt.”

She states that while being a new bride that she did not know how to cook.

“I remember living in Louisiana and buying fresh fish. I had never cooked fish before so I just guessed on how to cook it. We had to eat it with a spoon because it was so mushy. Doyle just laughed and lapped it up,” said Martin.

Ms. Virginia Martin credits much of her happiness to the love of God and her husband.

“Doyle was a Christian and I am a Christian. We were very much involved in the church. I still attend church,” said Martin. “I have so enjoyed this life. I had a good marriage. We worked hard and we lived right. It wasn’t always easy, but we always loved one another.”

Love is one of the most prominent subjects that Martin continues to speak about. Throughout the 103 years love is the subject of every c