Local Youth Assist in putting on the PHBA Youth World Show

Article Written by: Molly C Nicodemus, PhD


Palomino Breeders and Exhibitors Horse Association (PHBA) Youth World Show  is held annually at the Tunica Arena & Expo Center in Tunica, Mississippi during the second week of July.  This year Louisville youths, Julius and Robert Culwell, were an integral part of the youth show helping to put the show on.

Julius as the Reporter for the 2016-2017 PHBA Youth Executive Board and Robert as a 2017 PHBA Youth National Director were responsible for fundraising prior to the show and for helping with daily activities during the show. The brothers were recognized for recruiting the highest amount of funds for the youth show bringing in a total of $1700 from local businesses. These funds helped to pay for awards for the 2017 PHBA Youth World Show. During the show, older brother Julius had the honor of handing out these awards for the winners of the classes. Younger brother Robert assisted during the show in manning the PHBA youth booth, which included decorating the booth for the different youth events offered each day of the show. Prior to the show, the brothers collected items for decorating the booth and recruited contributions for the year-end youth scrapbook. Along with working the Youth World Show, the brothers represented the state at the PHBA Youth Annual National Meeting held at the end of the show.  During the meeting, along with the brothers receiving a trophy belt buckle for their fundraising accomplishments, Julius was voted to be the Treasurer for the 2017-2018 PHBA Youth Executive Board.  Both brothers will be traveling to various shows and meetings during the year to meet with other youth and help to recruit more youths for the PHBA youth activities.