Locals plan to make tornado documentary

From press and staff reports

Landon McMinn, a local filmaker, and Andy Childress, a local web cartoonist, aim to create a documentary about the April 28 tornado.
McMinn had the idea of making a documentary where tornado victims could tell their stories and describe the events prior to, during and following the April 28 tornado.
He asked Childress to help him and so the two are working together to find tornado survivors in the community who wish to share their story with others in the community and the world.
The two will be at the Winston County Library on Friday, June 27, from 8:30 until 3:30 interviewing anyone that would like to share their story. Participation is strictly volunteer.
Anyone who chooses to participate will get a copy of the documentary and it will also be available online.
Anyone interested in being a part of this then may contact McMinn at 662-803-2152 or Childress at 662-773-2671. Please leave a message so they can call all persons back and set up a time for the interview.
McMinn noted, “Those that come will be given a chance to tell their ‘full’ story. It will be edited some, but not watered down by a news crew doing the same thing for television, to a 30 second clip. No, this will be all about you. You will be our main focus.”
McMinn and Childress hope to capture the full affect of the storms on the whole community and how each person reacted during the storm from heroism to fear, from hiding in closets to helping underneath power lines.