Locals take top honor at State Flower Show

From press reports

The Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc. held the State Flower Show on June 9, 2012 at Whitehead Advanced Technology Center, Jones County Junior College in Ellisville. The show was from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. It was an advanced standard flower show. The GCM, Inc. has over 5,000 members and 140 clubs.

Mrs. Nancy Moore from Decatur serves as current President. Mrs. Elaine Thomson of Louisville served as Chairman and Mrs. Melanie Sousset of Grenada served as Co-Chairman.

The title of the show was “Let’s give her a hand,” which is also the President’s theme. Members from all over the state participated. The schedule for the show consisted of two divisions, Design and Horticulture.

In addition, special exhibits were displayed concerning education, beautification, conservation, etc. There were 18 exhibits.

Three ladies from the Town and Country Garden Club of Louisville participated in the show. They were Elaine Thompson, Debbie Moody, and Frances Ball. These ladies came away with some of the top honors. Debbie Moody was awarded the “Tri-Color Award”, the highest award in Design. Her creative Parallel Design consisted Dutch Iris, Equisetum, and Fig leaves. She used a connecting container with three components for her Design. Her background was a bright sky blue as well as the base, which picked up the exact color of the Dutch Iris’.

Frances Ball was awarded the Blue Ribbon for her design on “Letter Control”. The design was an “Assemblage“. She used two brown placemats, stacked brick and sunflowers. Her background was bright yellow. She elevated the mesh on a pole to give the necessary height and tucked the sunflowers in the back and to the side of the brick. To carry out the “Letter” theme, she used broken brick, small pieces of wooden triangles painted black and discarded screws and pipe.

Elaine Thompson was awarded second place for her “Duo Design” made of flower and edibles. She used stargazer lilies on one side and fruits and veggies on the other. This was displayed on a pedestal. She also received the “Elfin” Award for her miniature design.

In Horticulture, Mrs. Thompson won the Arboreal Award for her eucalyptus specimen. Along with four blue ribbons and one red, Mrs. Ball won four blue ribbons, two red ribbons, and three yellow ribbons.

Mrs. Moody and Mrs. Ball served as clerks to three judges. There were 84 designs and 378 pieces of horticulture. The show was well attended by the public.