Louisville Aldermen approve millage for library

By Joseph McCain

The Winston County Journal


In a special recessed meeting on August 27, the Louisville Board Aldermen approved two mil increase on property in the city in order to help fund the library.

The two mil increase plus the one mil put in place in 2012 would be set aside directly for the library. The city would no longer fund the library from its general budget and will only have the 3 mils of funding for the library which should cover the present funding the city has been providing for the library. The library will still have to seek funding from the county for the county’s share of the library budget.

“This will hopefully establish funds for the library tied directly to the millage and economics of the community,” said Mayor Will Hill in the August 20 meeting when the possibility of the millage increase was discussed.

One mil brings in about $40,000 which 3 mils should bring in $120,000 for the library.

For those living in Louisville City limits, the millage rate for the city is 19 mils for general government, 1 mill for cemetery maintenance and 3 mils for the library for a total of 23 mills. The city has not approved the budget yet. The cap for millage for a library is 3 mils.

The board in the special called meeting also accepted the resignation of Louisville Fire Chief Terry Johnson. Mayor Hill noted that a posting of the job notice would go out this week and that interim plans for the department were in place. Mayor Hill added that he would be working through the department shift leaders to keep the department running smoothly. The discussion of Johnson’s resignation was covered in executive session with the board return to the public meeting to accept the resignation.

Johnson was fire chief from March 2010 to 2013.

The next regular board meeting was set for Sept. 3.