Louisville Aldermen discuss hiring retail consultants

From staff and press reports

Board talks opportunities in the retail arena

The Louisville Board of Aldermen received an offer from Retail Coach company’s president C. Kelly Cofer to help bring retail businesses or develop retail businesses in the community.
Cofer outlined his company used and developed demographic data on communities and areas to help develop retail business in a community. He noted that the first item would be to discover the amount “leakage” or loss of residents’ purchases to other areas and the types of purchases that were occurring outside the county.
Cofer noted that with this information he could contact the needed retailers or help local businesses or entrepreneurs expand or develop their business to meet that need.
He explained his company would also do a thorough land use analysis to let retailers, businesses and others know what the community had to offer.

Mayor Will Hill and the board recognizes local Winston County volunteers who work for the Red Cross during National Red Cross month in March.

Mayor Will Hill and the board recognizes local Winston County volunteers who work for the Red Cross during National Red Cross month in March.

Louisville Mayor Will Hill noted that the city’s interest would be in developing the tax base in sales taxes and property taxes. Hill added it would be a plus for the county since land development would help property tax base.
“The purpose is to keep people here- shopping and eating,” said Cofer.
Property owner Bubba Hudspeth spoke of his support.
“This will increase the likelihood of getting this business,” said Hudspeth. “This is an opportunity to connect with those retailers.”
The board tentatively approved Mayor Hill to work with utility board, economic development board, and county board to see if ample interest and work out the details of how to pay the $30,000 fee for a one year contract with Retail Coach. The board is set to discuss the project in the May 5 meeting.

In other business, the aldermen:

  • Held hearing on M&M investments formerly known as Eiland Plaza. Code enforcement officer Jody Fulton outlined the problems with the buildings and the apartments. The building that was considered a danger has been demolished and company working in cleaning up. He noted the other issues with apartments in the other buildings. Fulton noted problems with breaker boxes not meeting code and no smoke alarms in several along with problems with exposed water pipes and other problems. Owner of the apartments and manager were in attendance and explained some of the issues with nontenants who stay in the area.
    “We are working on the cleanup and the problems,” said the manager.
    She outlined the plan for the cleanup and correction of the area. One tenant noted that the inexpensive nature of the apartments was why she had stayed.
  • Code enforcement officer Fulton set a meeting to work with owner of Eiland Plaza to improve the areas to be cleaned up. The hearing was continued.
  • Discussed DARE graduation see related article in today’s edition.
  • Set hearing for rezoning from Commercial B-2 to industrial M-1 on 1659 Highway 15 South.
  • Discussed review of airport update with a discussion in May meeting.
  • Discussed public works pay scale.
  • Hire one part time summer employees for recreation department and rehire another for summer.
  • Execute lease purchase on four police cars and public works truck.
  • Declare as surplus four police cars and a DARE 1998 Cadillac.
  • Discussed dog ordinance on dogs.
  • Reviewed E-911 possible agreement with county.
  • Authorize Mayor’s trip to Washington D.C. in May.
  • Approved minutes of April 1 meeting.

The April 1 meeting, the board:

  • Received library update from Beth Edwards.
  • Approved request for cash on Natron Project for $3,225 to Irby Electrical Distributor.
  • Approve site work by Calvert Spradling upon quotes being received.
  • Approve payment for work at the airport in the amount of $3,522.45.
  • Hearing on unclean property.
  • Approved March claims in amount of $139,383.65.
  • Approved hiring of police officer.
  • Accept resignation of police officer.
  • Give notice to advertise for Police officer.
  • Approve conferences for Police.
  • Approve fire training on child passenger safety May 7-9.

Aldermen March 18 meeting pass smoke free ordinance

The Louisville Board of Aldermen working with the Mayor’s Youth Council passed a smoke free ordinance for the city of Louisville that was implemented April 17.
The Board approved the ordinance and had it go into affect thirty days after the vote.
Macy Donald and the Youth Council had presented the ordinance along with Leigh Lampkin, Director of Mississippi Tobacco Free Coalition ( MTFC) of Attala, Leake & Winston Counties in the February 18 meeting. The board had tabled the ordinance in order to have time to review it.
The ordinance prohibits smoking in all enclosed areas, including buildings, and vehicles owned, leased, or operated by the City of Louisville and in all all enclosed public places within the City of Louisville including businesses. The ordinance also bans smoking in any outdoor spaces that are 20 feet outside entrances, operable windows, and ventilation systems of enclosed areas where smoking is prohibited, so as to prevent tobacco smoke from entering those areas.
Judy McLeod noted that is was a very good policy and could help obtain grants for a healthy community.
Frances Ball added that it was one of the best projects for the community.
Youth council Mayor Donald added “We (the youth council) hope to continue to promote ending smoking and helping promote a smoke free lifestyle.
Mayor Hill added that Leigh Lampkin had been a huge help and he hoped the Youth council will continue to take the message of nonsmoking into the community and schools.

In other business, the board:

  • Approved Historic preservation member to fill an unexpired term.
  • Set public hearing on Revival apartments for April 15. Formerly Eiland Plaza.
  • Approved Payment to closure at landfill $12,000
  • Approved request for cash on Natron project.
  • Approved Fire chief Haynes hire one firefighter full time and 2 volunteers.
  • Discussed E911 agreement. and no action from county.
  • Discussed sales Taxes noting that city was a little ahead of last year.
  • Noted receipt of the first tourism tax funds.
  • March 4 meeting honors Red Cross.
  • Board recognized Month of March as American Red Cross month with a proclamation.
  • Discussed Mayor’s Youth Council presentation of a Smoke Free Ordinance. Tabled for Youth Council attendance after February presentation.
  • Approved authorizing upon receipt of FAA funds plus city funds the payments to Davidson Hauling for $94,187.45 and to Kemp Associates LLC for $3,974.
  • Accepted Petition for Variance from Shameka Lewis and Brittany Lewis for a mobile home at 271 Lewis Road, and upon same order set hearing for April 1, 2014, at 5:30, and direct the City Clerk to give notice of said hearing and petition for variance. Set hearing.
  • Authorized Mayor to sign request for cash and cash requisition and upon receipt of CDBG funds to pay Irby Electric for $28,437.31.
  • Approved Docket of Claims for February bills $138,332.00.
  • Accepted resignation of Constance Crosby from the Police Department effective March 5.
  • Approved Jody Fulton: to attend MACE Training in Greenwood on March 21, $25 registration. Approved.
  • Approved a Request  by Johnny Roy Haynes to attend the MS Firefighters Association Summer Conference in Gulfport on May 29- June 1,  registration, and travel allowance
  • Approved Request for Detrick Sanders to attend MS Firefighters Class in Hattiesburg on April 14-15, registration $55, and travel allowance. Also set up to attend a second one following this one same place two more days.
  • Approved Request for L. M. Claiborne, Andy Taylor, Johnny Haynes, Vera McCarty, and Kayla Rogers to attend the Pipeline Safety program on March 13, 2014, at no cost at the Attala County Coliseum
  • Approved Request for Ed Hunt to attend MS Command College, July 27-August 1, at Oxford, registration $350 and travel allowance
  • Approve Request for Police Chief L. M. Claiborne to proceed with Lease/Purchase Agreement for the purchase of four police cars. and one truck for the city street department.  Applied for usda 35 percent eligibility match. 4 annual payment summary. Straight lease purchase. Over 3 annual payments.
  • Approved lease Request for Recreation Director Todd McCullough to proceed with Lease of two mowers.

Aldermen discuss smoking ordinance

Feb. 18
Louisville board of aldermen opened the February 18 meeting with  discussion of a smoking ordinance.
Mayor’s Youth Council lead by Macy Donald presented a smoke free ordinance
Donald opened the meeting along with other members of the youth council about the tobacco free ordinance and banning of smoking.
Leigh Lampkin of the Tobacco Free of Attala, Winston and Leake counties helped present.
The presentation examined the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke.
Lampkin noted her group worked with persons to help them quit smoking.
The Smoke free ordinance will cover the businesses and places not already covered by such rules.
Lampkin added that Grants are available for many health initiatives but the community needed a smoke free ordinance to qualify.
Alderman Eugene Crosby noted the board should pursue the matter.
It was tabled until the March 18 meeting.
In other matters, the aldermen:

  • Approved a resolution to support scenic byways requested. The board noted that the project should have a positive economic impact and safer access in that area.
  • Accepted lower contract from $58,000 to $53,000 from Woody Sample on Natron project.
  • Approved payments for 4 items on Natron Project.