Louisville Coliseum to host Good Samaritian Horse Show

From Press & Staff Reports

The Louisville Coliseum in Louisville will hold The Good Samaritan All Gaited Horse Show on August 2 at 6 p.m.

Admission for the event will be $5, with children 10 years and younger receiving free admission.
The show will feature 30 classes. Classes 1-25 will have a $20 entry fee per class, with First Place winners receiving one bag of feed. Ribbons will be given to the first five places in all classes. Classes 26-30 will be the championship stages and have a $30 entry fee. The First Place winner receiving $40, Second Place winner $30, and Third Place will receive a gift. Ribbons will be given to the first five places in all classes.
The 30 classes for The Good Samaritan All Gaited Horse Show are:
1) Halter Class Open 16) Open Two Year Old Padded Walking
2) Amateur Owned and Trained Walking 17) Show Pleasure Racking (15 minute break following)
3) Open Spotted Flat Shod 18) Trail Pleasures Walking Flat Shod
4) Juvenile Padded Walking 19) Ladies Spotted Flat Shod
5) Open 15.2 and Under Padded Walking 20) Open Saddle Horse
6) Men Country Western Flat Shod 21) Ladies Country Western
7) Park Performance Walking Padded 22) Youth Flat Shod 17 & Under
8) Country Pleasure Walking 23) Open Country Racking Pleasure
9) Open Show Pleasure Walking 24) Open Three and Four year old Padded Walking
10) Three & Under Spotted Flat Shod 25) Winston County Riders Only Flat Shod
11) Ladies Open Walking Padded 26) Spotted Horse Championship
12) Open Racking 6oz Chain Allowed 27) Flat Shod Walking Championship
13) Men Open Padded Walking 28) Saddle Horse Championship
14) Open Favorite Gait 29) Racking Padded Championship
15) Plantation Pleasure 30) Padded Walking Championship
For more information about the show, you may contact Harlan Hatcher at 662-285-6993.