Louisville commends achievements at ‘Celebration of Champions’

By Daniel Brunty

The Winston County Journal


The City of Louisville as well as all of Winston County celebrated the Louisville Wildcats’ eight championship seasons with a “Celebration of Champions” event.

The event, which featured the six championship coaches from the past three decades, allowed for the town and Wildcats fans to reminisce on the rich tradition of Wildcats football in its entire splendor. With the Wildcats bringing home their 8th state championship trophy just this past season, it was fitting that they recognized the past as well as the present.

The day began with a private ceremony with all the coaches as well as their coaching staffs and local officials. Mayor Will Hill presented the small group a set of banners that list the Wildcat’s eight championships seasons. Hill said that the banners would be hung at bypass on Highway 25.

With coaching legends Mike Justice, Bobby Hall, Lynn Moore, Tony Stanford, Brad Peterson, and MC Miller all in attendance, it was an honor for everyone at the event to be in the presence of such coaching greatness.

The second part of the evening began in the auditorium at Louisville High. Fans, students, and former players filled the auditorium to hear the championship coaches speak on their times at Louisville High, as well as what it meant to be a coach at Louisville.

Each coach gave a brief speech that included amusing stories of their tenures as Louisville Wildcats head coaches, as well as thanking peers of the past and present that helped them excel at their positions. Each coach was greeted by the crowd with cheers and praise for their accomplishments.

With eight state championships, Louisville High School is only rivaled by 6A powerhouse South Panola in amount of trophies. Louisville fans are privileged in regards to having a seemingly everlasting supply of players in the area. With each generation of students that come through their school system, it is easy to assume that the Wildcats may soon add another championship in the upcoming years.

Coach Brad Peterson speaks to the crowd.

Coach Brad Peterson speaks to the crowd.