Louisville Fortnightly Club holds monthly meeting


April 9 was a beautiful spring day for the meeting of the Louisville Fortnightly Club.

Members and guests gathered in the Lake Tiak O’ Khata room around tables covered in colorful linens and centerpieces of china pocketbooks filled with spring flowers. Hostesses Mrs. Charles Thomas and Mrs. Terry Reynolds greeted members and introduced guests, Mrs. Nannie Maude Reynolds and Mrs. Bobby Hunter.

Mrs. Michael Cournoyer, president led the historical Mary Stewart Club Collect and the Pledge to the Flag. Mrs. Terry Reynolds gave the devotional emphasizing living life fully one day at a time.

Mrs. Thomas presented Mrs. Nannie Maude Reynolds, a Noxapater native and author. Mrs. Reynolds has written four books of historical fiction based on some true facts. Her writings include romance, suspense and strong spiritual influence. Mrs. Reynolds is also an artist and illustrates her books. She is also a retired LPN nurse.

Refreshments of salads and strawberry parfait were served. Mrs. J.E. Calloway and Mrs. T.L. Kirkpatrick extended an invitation to attend the club on May 7. This will be the closing meeting before summer recess.