Louisville native gets fit with a plan

By Daniel Brunty The Winston County Journal

Many people say that they want to lose weight, but then give an excuse as to why they can’t at this point in their lives right now. No one wants to take that initiative to start the process, even more to complete their goal. However, one Louisville native took the initiative as well as continued the process to achieve amazing results. Pate Watson, former owner of Watson Automotive (now closed), has lost over 105 pounds since he made a decision to lose weight back in June of 2011. “I just wanted to feel better,” said Watson of his choice to lose the weight. “I wanted to be able to do things I couldn’t do, like running and walking long distances. It also helps out when working on vehicles, because it is easier to get under then and in and out of them.” Watson spoke of how his path to weight loss began. “In June I just started dieting mainly,” Watson said. “And then at the end of June I joined Anytime Fitness right here in Louisville. They gave me two free personal trainer sessions.” Watson gives most of the credit for his weight loss to Brent Patton, a personal trainer for Anytime Fitness since June of 2011. “Pate came in after my first few weeks at Anytime,” Patton said. “He had a goal in mind, and he just needed someone to push him toward it. He told me what he wanted to do, and I told him how we would get him there.” Patton also gives credit to Watson for his dedication to get to his goal. “The most important thing about Pate was that he was determined, and knew what he wanted. I just wanted to be there to help him out.” Watson did not stop at the two free personal sessions, however. “I decided to keep working with Brent to help me out,” Watson said. “So he started working with me two days out of the week up until about November. Then it was three days a week in December. Then I started working out by myself in January because I figured he had taught me enough to where I could go at it on my own.” His exercise regimen at Anytime Fitness allowed Watson to pursue other fitness techniques. “My main exercises were weights,” Watson said. “But I kind of got interested in trying to run, so I started jogging. At first I couldn’t jog long, maybe five minutes. But I just kept doing it and now I can run four miles at six miles per hour without stopping.” Patton believes the incredible weight loss comes from Watson’s determination to make the change. “Pate enjoyed working out, which is the most important part for anyone,” Patton said. “It is better to train someone when they do enjoy what they are doing. He definitely did enjoy it. He started making the commitment away from the gym.” Besides changing his exercising habits, Watson made a major change in his diet as well. “When I first got started, I went to a doctor and he told me there were five food types I should stay away from,” Watson said. “They were potatoes, pasta & rice, bread, sugar, and fruit juice. It is ok to eat the fruit, but the juice has all the sugar in it. I went with that rule for about three months. I used to drink four or five 20 oz. Dr. Peppers every day, but now I haven’t drunk a soft drink in almost 10 months. Now I mostly drink water, milk sometimes, and Gatorade every now and then.” Watson is continuing to work out at least five times a week to reach his ultimate goal. “I went from 330 pounds to 225 pounds,” Watson said. “I plan to lose at least 15 more pounds. I went from a size 3X shirt and a size 44 pants to a large shirt and size 36 pants.” Patton was pleasantly surprised at the results that Watson made in such a short span of time. “I haven’t seen a weight loss of this exception,” Patton said. “The people we have come in here you can see the changes. But with Pate, it was amazing. Just to see from where he started to where he is, it’s incredible. What you mainly saw in Pate was his confidence grew. His confidence went through the roof. People were telling him you look great and you lost a lot of weight. You can tell by the time and sweat he put into it, he was opening up a lot more. Like I said, it was amazing to see.” Losing the weight has made a huge impact on how Watson goes about his life now. “I can do more things outside for longer periods,” Watson said. “It helps when I go hunting. It has helped me do more as well. Losing the weight has opened up a whole other world for me.”