LPD chief warns of possible holiday crimes

From press and staff reports


The holidays are a time of cheer except for scams and crimes that may occur.

Louisville Police Chief L.M. Claiborne warns residents not to be an easy target for scams or crimes.

Due to a recent rash in property crime (break ins involving cars, homes and businesses) and coupled with the holiday season, the Louisville Police Department reminds all citizens and visitors that everyone can all be of help to each other by:

• Remaining alert to surroundings, whether home or out and about.

• Know the neighborhood where you live and work, report suspicious activity

• Trust your instincts, If something makes you uneasy avoid the situation.

• Have your car or door keys in hand before you reach the door.

• Keep you car doors locked when driving and when the vehicle is park (even at home).

• Keep your distance when strangers stop to ask questions or for directions.

• Carry your purse close to your body,not dangling by straps.

• Don’t leave your purse unattended while shopping, in your cart and particularly in the car.

• Don’t carry large amounts of cash.

• Lock your home while gardening, mowing or leaving for short periods.

• Be a good neighbor, report suspicious neighborhood activity.

• Never leave your car running or keys in the ignition. Close windows, lock doors, even if your car is in you driveway.

• Keep serial numbers or mark valuable property with your own identifying marks.

• Do merchants a favor report observed shoplifting.

• Do not give out personal information to which includes computer passwords as well as social security numbers and financial information to callers claiming to be calling from charities or businesses you do not know.

The Louisville police Department will be participating in the national Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign that will run from December 13,2013 thru January 1, 2014.

“Let’s all work together to ensure that we all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” said chief Claiborne.