Making progress; moving forward: P-16 Community Engagement Council of LMSD



The P 16 Engagement Council of Louisville Municipal School District is excited and determined to help make a difference in the Louisville Municipal School District (LMSD). Most members expressed their disappointment in the low performance score that the LMSD received 2011-12 – a D rating but seek to change it. This poor performance has placed the district on Academic Watch by the Mississippi Department of Education. The state accreditation standard requires school districts that are less than successful to work together through a pre-kindergarten through higher education (P-16) Community Engagement Council.

The council has been meeting regularly since its members were elected on January 14, 2013. At this time, the council wants to reintroduce the elected members and to inform the community of its progress. The following people were elected from various categories:

Parent Association Committee (6 members): Linda Humphries, Rev. Bobby Carter, Leslie Loving, Kineta “Christie” Sherrod, Todd McCullough and Norris Suttles. Alternates: L. M. Claiborne, Jr. and Cynthia McDonald

Community-Based Organization Committee (5 members): B. J. Kelleghan, Florence S. Young, Rosa Sanders, Rev. W.L. Hightower and Rev. Joe Glass.

Community Leaders Committee (5 members): Alderman Gwenita Mays, Atty. Linda Hampton, Mayor Will Hill, Di Angelo R. Wragg, and Barbara Culberson. Alternates: Supervisor Gloria Turnipseed, Willie James Holman and Vice Mayor Eugene Crosby.

School District Employees Committee (4 members): Department of Special Education Administrator Steve Eiland, Vice Principal Chet Wilkes, Teacher Cylesha Hopkins and School Board Member Brenda Johnson. Alternates: Rosemary Lampley, Teacher Derek Hopkins, School Board Member Betty Byrd.

Students Committee: Jeffrey Welch, Michelle Hopkins, Quintin Darden and Symone Coburn.

Community Members at Large Committee: Open (District 1), Elmetra Patterson (District 2), Sandra Jackson (District 3), Jacqueline Steele (District 4) and Lemoyne Young (District 5)

Officers Elected: Linda Humphries, President, Atty. Linda Hampton, Vice President, Barbara Culberson, Secretary. Since that election Linda Humphries resigned and Atty. Linda Hampton was elected as president and Di Angelo Wragg (of Hampton Funeral Home) is Vice President. The council wishes Linda Humphries much success with the much needed Reading Program that she has started. Several of the council members announced that their child has received their Highlights Kids Magazine already.

The newly elected council seeks to move from complaints toward solutions by partnering with the district to improve the quality of education for every child in the district. The council has formed committees, adopted by-laws, decided on a vision statement, a motto and is in the process of reviewing the school policies. Also, the council is being trained by Francine Jefferson in how to set goals and get the research done to make reasonable recommendations to LMSD School Board. The Vision Statement was adopted after members discussed what they would like to see happening in the LMSD one, five, ten and twenty years from now.

Vision Statement: Our Strong Healthy Diverse School System is Graduating Dynamic Productive Students to Lead Society Forward.

Motto: Leading our Community Forward

This week, some members of the council attended the Public Hearing of the Purposed Budget which was a very positive experience for all. At the meeting, June 25, 2013, 6:15 p.m. (located to be arranged), the council will discuss and set goals as to what policies it will research and make recommendations on to the LMSD Trustees.

Along with the supporting belief of the LMSD to its mission, the council believes that teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsible for moving our students forward – into higher performance. For this council to be successful, support and input from the entire community is necessary. The community is welcome at all meetings, including special call, committee, trainings and regular bi- monthly. There will always be time for public comments with hopes of solution orientated concerns. There is a lot of work to be done and much knowledge to be gained by the school district, staff, parents and community. Vice President Wragg said, “Let’s work together and be encouraged.” Contact information: Barbara Culberson, 662.736-0642