Making the most of it: Singing praises rather than the blues

By Joseph and Hanna McCain
The Winston County Journal

Mississippi maybe famous for the blues yet one local family is singing praises and making the most of it.

“I’ll Make The Most Of It” isn’t just the name of the Reed Brothers’ newest single, its words are inspired by men they actually worked with on a daily basis.

“Cliff Sanders and Dewey Lee were the inspiration of the song,” said Nick Reed, author of the song.
Sander’s making the most with his challenges

Sanders, Reed, and Lee

Sanders, Reed, and Lee

Cliff Sanders has neurofibromatosis (NFI), which causes tumors on his nerves. He was first operated on when he was in the fifth grade. Sanders has had 8 total operations with the latest one proving to be the most challenging yet increasing his faith more than ever.

“On December 10, 2014 I found out that I had a tumor growing on my brain stem,” said Sanders. “Doctors told me that if they tried to remove the tumor, I would most likely be crippled.”

While everyone plans, God may have different plans.

Sanders added, “My wife and I were just licensed foster parents and I was running and doing triathlons.”

Sanders said he placed everything in God’s hands after talking with the brain surgeon in Jackson.

“God was in control,” said Sanders. “I know there was nothing I could do so I had to give every bit of it to God. I was almost at peace.”

He noted, “The best brain surgeon in the South said he couldn’t do it (the surgery) so I knew I had to leave it with God.”

Following lots of prayer, Sanders and his wife located a surgeon who could do the operation in Pennsylvania. Prior to flying to Pennsylvania a healing and anointing ceremony was held at his church.

“It was a powerful ceremony,” said Sanders.

Sanders felt God had prepared him for the trial since he had become an avid runner and participated in triathlons starting in 2010.

“I was in the best shape of my life and that probably helped me recover from the surgery,” said Sanders.

Sanders spent 5 days in ICU after having the tumor removed. He regained all movement after a long recovery process.

On April 20 Sanders and his wife also gained 2 foster children and on May 11 he returned back to work. “Right now we have 3 Foster children, an 11 year old, a 10 month old, and a 6 week old. I give it all to God, “ said Sanders.

“Trust in God and make the most of it,” said Sanders about his motto on life.

Sanders and Nick Reed not only worked together, but we’re also close friends.

Nick Reed remembering hearing about Sanders and several of his coworkers gathered to pray.

“The news was devastating at work,” said Nick Reed. “We all knew it could be any one of us. I told all those gathered that when this happens you have to trust God and make the most of it.”
Lee making his life closer to God.

A week after Sanders received his diagnosis, Dewey Lee also a fellow coworker and friend of Reed and Sanders had a massive stroke.

“This all just hit so close to home for me,” said Reed.

“God just has ways to get our attention and having had a stroke made my faith in God stronger,” said Dewey Lee. Lee was given little hope of recovery from his stroke, but by January 4, 2015 he was improving drastically.

“They said they had never seen anyone recover as fast as I did.”

He added, “I am a better husband and father. My motivation for improving was my boys and wife.”

Though the stroke took some things away, Lee never lost his faith in God nor his smile.

“I still have my smile,” said Lee.

Trials of others inspires song of praise

Sanders and Lee were the inspiration to this God-inspired song written by the Reed Brothers.
“I wanted to use these trials that God had asked these two men to walk through to help someone,” explained Reed.

“When facing a storm, you either face it with fear or with faith,” said Reed. “Both of these men faced it with inspiring faith.”

The Reed Brothers recently signed with the NewStep Records label and are currently in the studio working on a new recording project. NewStep Records has produced numerous number 1 records in the national Christian music charts though the years. Veteran producer and multi-award winning Christian/Country artist Chuck Day joined the Reed Brothers in Nashville, TN to produce the new project. The first song to go to national Christian radio stations will be I’LL MAKE THE MOST OF IT. Chuck Day makes a guest appearance on this song and over all it is a very powerful performance by The Reed Brothers.

The Reed Brothers and Chuck Day will debut the single and other hits on March 5 at the Strand Theater.
For more information visit . For tickets to the concert contact the Reed Brothers or ticket venues in the area.