Meeting very productive for senior citizens of Winston County

Written By Wendy Miles

Senior Advisory Board Member


The Senior Advisory Council Meeting was held at the Winston County Court House on Tuesday 19th at 7:00. Bea Fontenot was instrumental in obtaining seniors and elected officials to help establish a plan for Senior Citizens of Winston County to have a Senior Enrichment center. State Representative Michael T. Evans District 43 brought the meeting to order and introduced Mr. Rudy Johnson Executive Director from the Golden Triangle Planning and Developing District, Winston County is served through this District. Mr. Johnson took questions from the citizens and officials and explained how the Golden Triangle Planning & Developing District could possibly work together with Winston County in meeting the needs of those over the age of 60 in Winston County.

This meeting was very informative on establishing both short and long term goals for a senior Enrichment center in Winston County. Mr. Johnson said that it would take the support of the county as a whole from local elected officials, business, volunteers, churches and seniors to make this dream a reality. “Our seniors have worked hard all of their life and they deserve a place to meet and come to socialize and receive services.”

The seniors have been meeting at the Louisville Coliseum on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Thanks to Mike Skipper the seniors will now be meeting at the Winston County Extension Office on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 11:00 till 2:00. These meeting will include a speaker, pot luck lunch, and games. Those 60 and older are encouraged to attend there is no fee.

The October meeting will be Held Oct 7th at 11:00 At the Winston County Extension Office the speaker will be Julie Cunningham Winston County Chancery Clerk a pot luck Lunch will be at 12:00 please bring a dish and Games will follow.

A very special thank you to Mr. Rudy Johnson for his time and words of encouragement and willingness to help our seniors in Winston County. To State Representative Michael T. Evans and State Representative Joey Hood or their time and dedication to our seniors.

Thanks to Sheriff Jason Pugh for keeping the court house open for this meeting.

All seniors over the age of 60 are encouraged to get involved and those interested in providing music or speaking to contact Bea Fontenot at 662-803-6548