Mobile Discovery Center visits Nanih Waiya school

From staff and press reports

The students at Nanih Waiya attendance center were able to experience science in math in a new format on January 8 and January 9. Discovering the wonders of science and math comes in many forms and can be accomplished in a variety of ways. When the National Science Center’s Mobile Discovery Center (MDC) truck visited Nanih Waiya Attendance Center, students and teachers alike were immersed in the excitement of hands-on science.

The National Science Center’s Mobile Discovery Center is housed in an 18-wheeler van and staffed by U.S. Army military and Department of Army civilian personnel.

On January 8 and January 9, the MDC truck presentations showed students that studying science, technology and math can be exciting and fun as well as essential to their future. The MDC truck travels the country and there is sometime a great deal of time between the time a school requests the van and when it can actually visit. The Nanih Waiya staff had been working on the visit for years.

The unit combines two functions: a classroom and an exhibit hall into one facility. As a classroom, it features hands-on science demonstrations designed to be fun and informative and to involve the visitors in the demonstrations.

Demonstrations include Van De Graff generators, Plasma Ball and Tesla coils are used to create “hair raising” experiences. Frequency, sound, and resonance are all covered during the exciting Electronic Glass Breaker demonstrations. Persistence of vision is demonstrated with the “I thought I saw something” Light Stick. Last but not least is the “Seeing in the Dark” demonstration where the principles of night vision are demonstrated. Throughout the demonstration program, numerous students were asked to assist the demonstrators.

As an exhibit hall, it showcases small interactive exhibits and displays. A 50-minute MDC presentation consists of hands-on, interactive science demonstrations. Normally 6 sessions are conducted each day, and each session accommodates from 35-40 students.

MDC programs are made possible by a partnership between the U. S. Army and the National Science Center, Inc. To find out more about the programs and services offered by the National Science Center and its mission to excite America’s youth about math, science and technology, visit the website at: