Motorcycles to ‘roar’ through Louisville

From press and staff reports

A major event for the Sturgis Motorcycle rally will be the dinner ride from Sturgis to Starkville, then from Starkville to Louisville, Louisville

to Ackerman, and then Ackerman back to Sturgis. The dinner ride, which begins at 4 p.m. on Friday, August 15, will bring 500 to 800 bikers directly through Starkville on Highway 12, Louisville on Highway 25 and Ackerman on Highway 15.
The Louisville Police Department will escort the riders from Highway 25 by Evergreen Church down Columbus Avenue, Main Street, Church Avenue, Ball Drive and Ivy Avenue, ending up at Ivy Park beside the coliseum.
“Line the streets, wave your American flags, wave your bandanas or just wave and give these bikers a warm Louisville welcome,” said Linda Skelton of the Louisville-Winston Chamber of Commerce. “They have a big economic impact on our county and we want them to know we appreciate them visiting.”
The bikers will make a stop at the Louisville Coliseum where drinks and popsicles will be provided for the attendees. The bikers then will head out to Highway 15 to drive through Ackerman and return to the events at Sturgis.
Thursday night in Louisville to help kick off Sturgis bike rally
August 14, the Sturgis Bike Rally will be coming into town with “Rally Alley Rumble”. This event normally held in Sturgis has not taken place in many years.  Louisville has always been the city many believed should be more engaged in the Sturgis Bike Rally.
Unfortunately, there are many costs to hosting an event like this in a community; you could help by sponsoring or donating to this event.  All proceeds will go to WinstonStrong and the rebuilding of Winston County.
This event will bring more of a spotlight on Louisville.  Help spread the word about this event. The town of Louisville was very excited about the opportunity to host this event and signed on Payton Taylor and Jason Miller Band for entertainment.  The downtown concert will be held on South Columbus Avenue between Park Street and Main Street on August 14. 
This event will be an awesome experience for everyone and a new adventure for the community as well as a day to come out and enjoy with your friends and family.
If you would like to sponsor this event, contact Linda Skelton and if you have a banner it will be displayed somewhere in the venue for the event. 
You can also make a contribution of any size to the Chamber to cover expenses in support of the endeavor. Anyone can volunteer to assist in promoting or gate keeping the night of the event.