Mrs. Mississippi International visits Fair Elementary School

submitted by Gwynn Hall

On May 16, the Special Education Department of Fair Elementary School invited Mrs. Mississippi International, Traci Mongeon to speak to Fair Elementary students and parents about ATV and bike safety.

A busy mother of two, Mongeon serves as a 4-H Youth Agent with the Mississippi State University Extension Office. She is active in her community of Ackerman as a community volunteer.

As Mrs. Mississippi International, Mrs. Mongeon’s goal or platform is to raise awareness of ATV risks and safety guidelines that may decrease accidents and deaths.

Mrs. Mongeon will go on to compete for the title of Mrs. International 2012 during the final competition in Chicago, July 17-21, 2012.

Mrs. Mongeon started out the presentation by discussing a few pointers on bicycle safety, and then she moved on to talk about her platform of ATV safety.

First, she told the students to stay on unpaved trails and stay off all roads when riding an ATV.

Next, she reminded the children to always wear a helmet that fits, as well as boots, long pants and goggles. Mrs. Mongeon pointed out that ATV’s should fit the person riding them, and friends should ride a separate ATV because their weight and movement can cause loss of control.

Then, she said that everyone should understand ATV rules and laws. Children should never go anywhere on an ATV without permission, and an adult should know where they are at all times.

Lastly, she stated to expect the unexpected! Walk the trail with an adult before riding to make sure there aren’t any cliffs or dangerous obstacles in the way.

Mrs. Mongeon reminded the audience that far too many serious accidents have resulted in brain injuries and even death. By learning and following some safety guidelines, families can be safe and have fun. After the program was over, the parents who attended were invited to a parent appreciation reception that was held at the Fair Elementary School library.