MSU’s College Knowledge Project begins its second year

From press reports

The College of Education at Mississippi State University (MSU) is excited to announce it will continue serving students through the College Knowledge Project (CKP) for the second year.

Shane Davis, project coordinator for the CKP at MSU, said, “We are gearing up for a successful year with the project. We have selected a group of near-peer mentors comprised of sophomores and juniors at MSU who will form the backbone of the CKP during the 2012-2013 academic school year. Each of these individuals brings a unique set of college experiences and backgrounds to the program that will provide students in our partner schools with a positive perspective on the college experience.”

According to Davis, the near-peer mentors will meet with seventh grade students on a monthly basis to facilitate college awareness activities and events.

The goal of CKP is to educate students, their families, and school staff about the services available to students to help them successfully complete high school and attain college access while increasing the availability of college support systems for the students by forming partnerships with local community organizations.

Currently, the CKP provides services to students in Louisville, Nanih Waiya, and Noxapater in the Louisville Municipal School District as well as to students in Okolona and West Point. “We are proud to be serving over 500 students in these schools,” said Davis, “We also look forward to a continued partnership with the Changing Academic Performance and Promoting Success (CAPPS) afterschool program in Louisville, which is currently serving over 225 students in the district, and with the Okolona Community Learning Initiative.” Davis stated that these programs have strengthened the presence of the CKP in the communities being served and will provide greater opportunities for one-on-one and small group interaction between the near-peer mentors and students.

Davis also expressed his gratitude to Dr. Teresa Jayroe, Associate Dean of the College of Education at MSU, for her support of the CKP. Davis noted, “Dr. Jayroe’s guidance with this grant has been most valuable, and her input and expertise have been instrumental to its success and growth. I am fortunate to be able to work with her and this project.”

For more information on the CKP, contact Shane Davis at (662)-325-3718 or by email at