NAACP members get Excel-by-Five update

By Daniel Brunty
The Winston County Journal

The Winston County Branch NAACP held its regular monthly meeting at the Winston County Library on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 with Charles Hampton presiding.

Before the meeting, the organization had asked for citizens of the community to attend as Eileen Beazley, Executive Director of Excel-by-Five would be present to give important information on putting Excel-by-Five into action in early educational settings of the children of the community.

Also present at the meeting was Excel-by-Five Certification Manager Steve Eiland. Beazley began her presentation by stating that the Louisville Community is special to her because of the strides they have made in bringing Excel-by-Five to the forefront.

20160119_190932“This community has done some amazing things that other communities across the state have not been able to do and have thought of,” Beazley told the NAACP members, some who are active committee members in Excel-by-Five.

Beazley then went into her presentation, beginning by stating that Excel-by-Five is “a process.” She also explained how Louisville brought the program to the community.

Next, Beazley explained the four areas of Excel-by-Five, which include Community, Health & Wellness, Early Education, and Parent & Family Engagement. “The idea of these programs is how are these programs working with each other?” Beazley said. “How is the Health component working with the education component? And so on.”

Beazley also explained how Excel-by-Five is now in the process of working with the local day care centers in promoting its workers into acquiring their Excel-by-Five certifications so Excel-by-Five can meet its requirement of having a certain percentage of day care workers being certified.

At present, most of the local day care centers in Winston County are on board with acquiring certifications for their workers. “Now what we are doing is we sponsor having a class where some of those workers can get contact hours and get certification,” Eiland said during the presentation. “That is the key.”

Eiland also mentioned that Excel-by-Five is in the process of creating a resource guide, in which funding is needed for. Eiland then thanked the NAACP for its recent donation for the resource guides.

With the variety between all the day care centers in regards to what and how they teach, Eiland feels that Excel-by-Five is the perfect program to bring all of them together on one page.

“I think that is why the organization is here,” Eiland said of Excel-by-Five. “To try to pull and have the daycare centers collaborating together.”

Eiland wanted the members of the NACP to have an idea of what Excel-by-Five is. “All Excel-by-Five is trying to promote our children to learn to read from the time they are conceived until they are five years old,” Eiland stated.

Following the presentation, Carolyn Hampton, Chairperson Women in the NAACP inquired about how the WIN organization could be a part of sponsoring a class to certify day care workers.

For more information visit or contact the local coalition at 662-736-2547 to learn how you can become involved and improve early learning. The Early Childhood Institute at MSU manages this project.