Nanih Waiya archery team wraps up season

By Rocky Higginbotham

Winston County Journal

The largest Nanih Waiya archery team ever wrapped up its season last week by participating in the AIMS State Championship.

The Archery In Mississippi Schools state championships were held at the Kirk Fordice Equine Center in Jackson April 10-13. Nanih Waiya totaled 2,505 team points and finished 12th among Class 1A public schools in the state.

The AIMS program is now in nearly 500 elementary, middle and high schools and has more than 70,000 participants statewide.

“We’ve had a great season,” Nanih Waiya coach Bill White said. “We had the largest number of shooters (28) ever to participate.

“We had a good bit of turnover, so we did not score that great, but they had a good time and we’ll return next year.”

Will White, who was the top archer at a Noxapater meet earlier this year, was the top male finisher for Nanih Waiya in the state competition with a score of 245.

Other top finishers included Cody Dapp (240), John Attwell Dillard (227), Marco Ugalde (220), Caleb Hall (216) and Tanner Covington (213).

Nanih Waiya’s top female finisher was Lizzie Jones with a score of 205, followed by Madison Boykin (200) and Autumn Smith (193).