Nanih Waiya player injured during practice, sent to UMC

By Austin Bishop

The Winston County Journal

Nanih Waiya sophomore running back Ken McQueen was injured during practice on Monday afternoon and was airlifted to University Medical Center where surgery was performed that night.

Nanih Waiya head football coach Tate Hanna said McQueen had movement in his arms and legs and remained conscious the entire time. He was taken by ambulance to the Winston County Medical Center. After x-rays showed broken vertebrae he was then airlifted to the hospital in Jackson.

“They did surgery last night to reduce the swelling and they plan on doing surgery to fuse the vertebrae when the swelling goes down,” Hanna said on Tuesday morning.

Hanna said the injury was an “accident” and was just part of a normal football practice.

“It was a solid hit, but it wasn’t head to head or anything like that,” he said. “We took all of the proper precautions and they said it was good that we did.”

Hanna followed the ambulance to the hospital to be with McQueen. “I really thought they would do an x-ray and release him. I was really surprised. I’m glad we did everything the right way.

“They said it was a one-in-a-million thing, we just happened to be that one,” he said.

Hanna said he talked to the team this morning to keep them updated on the situation.

“It really puts things in perspective,” Hanna said. “I’ve never been around an injury like that before.”