Nannie Maude Reynolds Home for Christmas released

From press reports


After writing three novels of Historical Fiction, Nannie Reynolds decided that it was time for something new.

Mrs. Reynolds wrote Home for Christmas, which tells of a middle-aged widow that was forced into early retirement to raise two orphaned grandchildren.

When asked what the inspiration was for this novel, Reynolds simply said, “I just came up with the story in my mind!”

One truly is taken in by the story on the first page. In fact, Reynolds’ novel was originally meant to be a short story.

Reynolds remarked, “I had written the first chapter, and my friend who reads my work simply told me that I had to keep going..that there was more to this story.”

The characters from Home for Christmas come straight from Nannie Reynolds’s imagination, as did the setting, which is in Missouri in the early ‘40s during the first signs of the second World War.

There is also a spiritual component throughout the novel that makes the reader visualize a higher power guiding each of the characters. The story contains romance, mystery, and a wonderful display of imagery. When asked if Reynolds had plans for a sequel, she answered that she had not yet written a sequel for Home for Christmas; however, she is currently editing the follow-up novel to her two previous Historical Fiction novels.

Persons may purchase a copy of the book by contacting Reynolds or purchasing one at the Winston County Journal.