Native son’s second book released

From press reports


Joe has done it again, published another book, that is. LHS grad (1953) Joe D. White has just published his second book, “The Blue Goose and Me—A National Wildlife Refuge Memoir.” Upon the completion of a thirty-five year career with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service—National Wildlife Refuge System, Joe retired to Tallahassee, Florida in 1996. Born and raised in the Bond community of Winston County and in Louisville, his first book, “Sweet Times, Sweet Places,” which was well received locally, tells of growing up country in Winston County during The Great Depression and WWII years.

“The Blue Goose and Me” (the Blue Goose is of course the internationally recognized symbol of the National Wildlife Refuge System) takes a different tact and in his conversational writing style Joe recalls some of his outdoor adventures as a young assistant manager on the first four of the six southeastern national wildlife refuges he served on.

According to Joe, “As a youngster growing up in Winston County, I was vaguely aware of state and national parks and national forests, but I was totally ignorant about national wildlife refuges until I graduated from Southern Miss. and began my career as a wildlife/wildlands manager on one. I always knew there was some other kind of government thing out there behind those funny looking blue goose boundary signs along Hwy 25 between Louisville and Starkville. It wasn’t until I went to work on a national wildlife refuge that I realized those blue goose signs identified Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge. I had grown up within spitting distance of one of the finest refuges in the southeast and didn’t know it. I found out in a hurry though that the National Wildlife Refuge System was arguably the premiere national conservation agency and some of my experiences on six southeastern refuges border on the surreal, producing the kind of outdoor experiences that the average citizen would find difficult to believe. But, they were indeed real, and in time I felt compelled to share them with readers who enjoy and appreciate wildlife and wilderness habitat for the wild creatures with whom we share planet earth.”

“The Blue Goose and Me” is now available in print form from books, or more directly by going to, or by calling Joe at (850-877-9544). The e-book version is available from www. Kindle store. Search by title for each version.