New 911 service soon to be implemented

From staff and press reports

City of Louisville and Winston County prior to the new year adopted InterAct’s Next-Generation 9-1-1 Emergency Response System to replace and upgrade the former 911 system.

The City of Louisville and Winston County purchased the new incident response solution, including InterAct phones, computer aided dispatch system, and geographic information system and will soon have all ready.

Due to the 911 coordinator’s health and a staff member’s maternity leave the program implementation was delayed until this month but Mayor Hill explained that this fit perfectly with the upcoming new 911 training, the county adding a new civil defense director and Golden Triangle Planning Development completing of the mapping of the county.

“We had some delay implementing the system but has worked on for the best,” said Louisville Mayor Will Hill. “The timing could not be getter.”

With these integrated products, including InterAct phones, computer aided dispatch system (CAD), and geographic information system (GIS)., the City of Louisville/Winston can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of emergency response to better protect the communities they serve according to AT&T the makers of the interact.

“This technology will help save lives and help get a rapid response to the right locations,” said Mayor Hill.

Using a combination of the InterAct phones, CAD, and GIS systems, dispatchers can immediately pinpoint the exact location of a caller on a map. The call, whether from a cell phone or land line, is automatically recorded, attached to a CAD record, and distributed to appropriate first responders. This accelerates the emergency team’s ability to arrive on the scene and choose the best response to better save lives and protect property. This scalable solution can also be expanded to support multiple agencies, including those in surrounding cities and counties. The ability to share data among agencies and jurisdictions is critical to first responder safety and aids in front- line decision making.

When the city’s previous equipment was phased out, the City of Louisville and Winston began investigating new options. After a rigorous review process, including site visits and review of customer references, the city found that InterAct’s solution stood out as the best choice for their needs. “It’s more important than ever that we have modern tools to maintain the highest level of emergency readiness,” said Mayor Hill. “Louisville and Winston county residents expect exceptional public safety services and this investment will help our first responders better fulfill their mission of protecting lives and property. I am also excited about the possibility of sharing this next-generation technology with our neighboring cities and counties. The continued pressure on city and county budgets almost demands that we share services to a greater degree than ever before, and this new technology makes it possible.”

“We are delighted that Mayor Hill and the City of Louisville and Winston Count y selected InterAct to replace their previous system,” said InterAct’s Terry Turner, Chief Sales Officer for InterAct. “Our next generation products are designed for fast implementation of a truly scalable solution suitable for smaller cities and counties, as well as larger metropolitan areas. We look forward to working with Mayor Hill and his team to implement this state of the art public safety system to help them achieve their mission of protecting lives and property”.

Mayor Hill also recognized the company for working with the city and their patience with circumstances beyond the city’s control. The city plans to have the 911 system implemented in August.

InterAct is a leading provider of public and private safety software solutions. Our mission is to improve the safety and well being of people and their communities with the most innovative online technology that connects the right people with the right data at the right time.

For 37 years, InterAct has been providing state-of-the-art, integrated incident response software solutions. In 2011, we delivered a new level of innovation with the industry’s first fully CJIS-compliant and cloud-based online records management system. This is the first in a series of next-generation online solutions InterAct will deliver throughout 2012 as part of the Public Safety Cloud.