New of the Past by C.J. Johnson

100 Years Ago –March 28, 1913
Our area suffered greatly from a storm last Friday. The cyclone
reached our town about 1 o’clock Friday morning, hitting the western
side of town first, after doing considerable damage in the Rural Hill
community. In town, damaged or destroyed were the residences of J. B.
Cornwell, W. C. Hemphill, and Mr. Skidmore. Next¸ a number of homes
of black residences were completely wiped out. The home of B. K. R.
Dempsey was badly damaged and then the Presbyterian Church USA was
torn all to pieces. Likewise, the homes of A. C. Hemphill, V. F.
Stark, E. L. Tomlinson, as well as the Catholic Church, were terribly
damaged or destroyed. Businesses were wrecked, too. Destruction
continued to several miles east of town.

NOXAPATER: Mrs. Will Taylor and baby of Stallo are spending the week
with her mother, Mrs. F. G. Price. – Mrs. C. C. Gunn spent the
first part of the week with her niece, Mrs. Dr. McGraw at Louisville.

WEDDINGS: Two of our county’s most worthy young people were married
at the bride’s home at four o’clock on Saturday, when Mr. E. W. Ray
took Miss Ruby E. Clark as his wife. – Mr. E. Davis Caperton and
Miss Annie Carter were quietly married at Noxapater on Sunday
afternoon, Rev. J. E. Jones officiating.

ROCKY HILL: The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Shepherd, the 21st and left them a fine girl. – Rocky Hill was well
represented at Fields Day last Saturday, winning some of the prizes.
Midway school won two of the medals given for spelling and expression-
girls over 14 years. Never had there been a more elaborate Field Day
Program carried out over two days in Louisville.

LOUISVILLE: Mr. and Mrs. W. S. McAlilly visited Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
Carr this week. – Mrs. Robinson, who has been a guest of Mrs. W. E.
Adams, returned to her home in New Albany this week.

DEATHS: Mrs. J. O. Tabor, Sr. died Monday evening from wounds
received in the storm on Friday morning. Her home, two miles east of
town, was partially wrecked, with the chimney falling on her. – Mr.
J .C. “Jack” McCully, 64, died Wednesday at his home. He had
suffered from melancholy for several years, and grew worse since the
sudden death of his brother, Mr. Henry McCully, a few months ago. He
was suffering the night before but would not see a doctor until
Wednesday, when his daughters called for them. The physicians said
he was poisoned on paris green, which he acknowledged he had taken
the morning before, with suicidal intentions.

75 Years Ago – March 25, 1938
LOUISVILLE: Mrs. Joe Bennett and son Joe Boy of New Albany came down
for the week, staying with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Beacham. – Mr. and Mrs.
Upton Black and two children Tubbie and Mickie of Sidon spent Sunday
night here with Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Reynolds.

NOXAPATER: Mrs. G. A. Crosby and little son of Jackson, Tenn. were
recent visitors here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Filer. –
Mrs. Fletcher and little girl of Kosciusko are guests of her brother
and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ira T. Havens.

MARRIAGES: Mr. James Ethel Clay of Stallo and Miss Mary Blanche
Weaver of Noxapater were married February 4th in Philadelphia, with
Rev. D. A. McCall of the Baptist church performing the ceremony.
The children of Mrs. Dollie Smith surprised her with a birthday
dinner on March 20th, celebrating her 64th birthday. Everyone
enjoyed the day.