New of the Past by C.J. Johnson

100 Years Ago – December 13, 1912 NOXAPATER: Mr. Charlie Johnson, an able lawyer of Batesville, is a guest of his uncles, R. H. and F. M. Glenn. – Mrs. W. J. Atkinson of Louisville spent a few days here last week, guest of her brother, Mr. Thos. G. Hopkins.

DEATHS: Mr. S. H. Caperton died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mollie Estes, in Noxapater on Wednesday night, the 12th, inst. He had been unwell for some weeks. – Mr. William Ledbetter died at his home near Webster last week.

LOUISVILLE: Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gage are the proud possessors of a fine girl recently arrived at their home. – Mrs. R. A. Webster and children, who have been visiting Dr. A. S. Kirk and family, left a few days ago for their home in Alabama. – Mr. Thrall has succeeded in locating in Louisville, Mr. W. H. Boyden of Thomasville, Ga. Mr. Boyden is one of the finest Cornet players in the South and will fill the place of solo cornet with the local band. Mr. Thrall has several other musicians coming, he informs us.

MIDDLETON: Mr. Charlie Cheatum fell from a wagon on his way home from Noxapater Friday night and was severely hurt. – It continues to rain in this section. The storm last Thursday night did much damage in our county, blowing down several cotton houses, destroying some cotton. It also blew Mr. John Whitehead’s house off of the blocks.

75 Years Ago – December 10, 1937 LOUISVILLE: Mr. and Mrs. Elliotte Ferguson are rejoicing over the arrival of a sweet baby girl, who arrived December 3rd. They have named her Linda Gail. – Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Drumer of Kosciusko are the managers of the Crystal Coffee Shop here. They had their opening Monday, with a large attendance. They have an apartment with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Liddell. – Mrs. W. E. Strange and brother Elbert Green visited their sister, Miss Ellene Green, at Hillman college the past week end.

NOXAPATER: Mrs. W. N. Kilpatrick spent a few days this week in the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Black in the Ford community. – Mrs. W. J. Newson and daughter, Mrs. Jennie Hoffman of Louisville, were guests of Mrs. J. C. Lee and Mrs. R. H. Glenn, Friday afternoon. DEATHS: William McMillin, 60, was struck by the southbound passenger train coming into Highpoint, 8 miles north of here, on Thursday afternoon. Mr. McMillin, a well-known black man, was walking down the track when he was hit. – John Z. “Buck” Oldham, 30, of Noxapater, died Sunday night as a result of a car accident which occurred earlier in the afternoon on Highway 15, just north of Louisville.

BOND: We are having some real winter weather today. It is snowing. We guess everything will be covered in snow in a few hours. – Those who spent Sunday afternoon in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Reynolds were Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gray, Mrs. Lucy Mullins, and Miss Sarah Ethel Ming.