New Year and moving forward with the first of many new ideas

With every New Year comes resolutions and unlike many, I have never jumped on the band wagon by making a New Year’s resolution. This year, however, is going to be different. My New Year’s resolution is to publish a book. Quite a daunting resolution, I know, but it has been already been in the works for about 2 months now.

I was blessed to have had two sets of the most wonderful grandparents in the world. It is a fact and if you do not believe me, just ask my sisters. It took me getting out of college and venturing out on my own in the real world to realize just how good I had it when I was a child.

Memories of many happy summers in the garden with my Granddaddy Hanna and in the kitchen with my Grandma Hanna take up the majority of my childhood memories. If you had not guessed already, the book will be about my Grandma and Granddaddy Hanna or Evelyn and Conner Hanna as some of you might have known them.

I feel that the least that I could do for them both after all they have done for me is to simply make a meager attempt to recall all the wonderful and joyous moments they gave me during my childhood years. The book, which does not have a title yet (I am open to suggestions), will be a compilation of Grandma Hanna’s recipes and short stories of the memories that my family and I shared with Grandma and Granddaddy Hanna.

I come from a long line of hard-working people both from my mother’s and father’s sides of the family. Grandma and Granddaddy Hanna (as everyone called them) were no exception. Grandma and Granddaddy would be up at the crack of dawn in the garden gathering vegetables and by 7 a.m. Grandma would have the most delicious breakfast spread you ever tasted this side of the Mississippi. Both would have done a full day’s work before 8 a.m. everyday. Breakfast, lunch, and supper were served around the kitchen table. Everyone ate together, whether you liked one another or not.

One thing you could bet on when you sat down to eat was Grandma Hanna’s delicious rolls. They were the best things you ever put in your mouth. She would never run out and she always had them on hand for any occasion. This recipe along with a myriad of others will be included in the book.

Hopefully soon, I will be writing to tell you when and where you can purchase this book. You may not like my articles or my writing, but I can guarantee that you will love my Grandma Hanna’s recipes.

Editor’s note: Hanna McCain is an advertising consultant with the Winston County Journal, Choctaw Plaindealer and Webster Progress Times.