News of the Past

C.J. Johnson, who has deep genealogical roots to Winston County, provides news from past editions of the Winston County Journal.

100 Years Ago – August 15, 1913

LOUISVILLE: Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Hull and children left yesterday for Louisiana where they go on a visit. – Mr. J. Ferguson has moved his stock of general merchandise into his new quarters, one of the Parkes stores on the corner of Main and Columbus Avenue, last Wednesday. – Mrs. Nona Dempsey has returned from her visit to Florida and Texas. – Mrs. A. T. Triplett and granddaughter Mildred Sharp visited Mr. and Mrs. Homer McCully at Tupelo this week. – Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Jones left last week for a trip to Memphis, going in their car through the country. A card from Hamlet informs us that they reached the city alright, and will return in a day or two.

DEATHS: Mrs. Tom Shaw died at her home in Louisville on Saturday night, the 9th. Her remains were carried to Choctaw county, her former home, for burial.

NOXAPATER: Mrs. W. H. Webb delightfully entertained her attractive sister, Miss Laura Huey of Canton, last Tuesday evening. The long veranda was a scene of mirth and laughter, with a delicious salad course being served. – Mr. C. M. Wood, manager of the Hard Wood Mill here, went on a trip to Memphis last week and returned home Saturday with a handsome new automobile – Noxapater’s first car. – Miss Lucie Hutchens of Blue Mountain is here on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Floyd Estes.

ROCKY HILL: Mrs. Will Forbes and sons Percy, Theo, and John left Sunday for their home in Meridian. – Mr. George Ellis and family of near Noxapater spent Tuesday night with Mr. R. E. Woodruff’s family. – Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Humphries and little daughter Ruby visited in the home of Mr. C. A. Jones Sunday night.

75 Years Ago – August 12, 1938

LOUISVILLE: Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle Woodward and Roy Lovorn visited Memphis last Friday. They attended the WPA conference where Mr. Henry Hopkins and Mrs. Ellen S. Woodward were speakers. – Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Thrailkill of Birmingham, Ala., are here spending their vacation with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Thrailkill and Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Tabor. – Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Coleman of Washington, D. C. spent Saturday night in Louisville. Mr. Coleman is secretary to Congressman A. L. Ford. – Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Warner had as their guests this week Mrs. Warner’s brothers, Messrs. Marcus Carden of Akron, Ohio, James and Oscar Carden and Mr. and Mrs. Levance Carden of Ft. Payne, Ala.

DEATHS: Funeral services were held at the Noxapater Baptist Church, Wednesday afternoon, for Mrs. Aubrey Holder, nee Miss Fannie Snow. She died at the family home in Calhoun community Tuesday after an illness of several months.

NOXAPATER: Mrs. Reeves, after a visit here with her daughter, Mrs. William Johnson and family, left Wednesday for her home in Lyman. She was accompanied home by Mrs. Johnson and children, who will enjoy the visit with home folk. – Mrs. M. B. Meigs of Soso is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. J. F. Webb. – Mr. and Mrs. Luther Martin and children are spending the week on the coast.