News of the Past

C.J. Johnson, who has deep genealogical roots to Winston County, provides news from past editions of the Winston County Journal.

100 Years Ago – December 26, 1913

WEDDINGS: Mr. C. A. Gillock and Miss Ella Faulkner were married at Stallo last Sunday afternoon and are at home in Louisville where Mr. Gillock has made his home for several years, coming here from the delta where he still owns a valuable plantation. – Mr. Leonard Bennett and Miss Ethel Clark were married at the home of the bride last Sunday afternoon, Rev. A. J. Crawford officiating. – Mr. Tom Vinson and Miss Mable Webster were married at the residence of the bride’s father on Christmas Eve, Rev. R. D. Simpson of Mashulaville officiating. Miss Mabel is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Webster. – Mr. O. M. Land and Miss Carrie Shields were married on December 22nd.

LOUISVILLE: Henry Triplett from Meridian is here this week visiting his mother. – Miss Lillian White of Flora is the pleasant guest of Miss Nannie Woodward.

75 Years Ago – December 23, 1938

DEATHS: Mrs. Jodie Moorehead, 60, of Loakfoma died in Starkville hospital on December 17th. Burial was in Bevil Hill cemetery. – Mr. R. E. L. Sullivan died in Meridian hospital on December 12th. Burial was in Good Hope cemetery. He had been in failing health for some time. – The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Yarbrough died Monday at their home in the Liberty community.

BIRTHS: Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Webb, a fine boy, christened James Henry, reported CALHOUN news. – VERNON announced that a fine son was born, to Mr. and Mrs. Coley Sullivan on December 6, and christened James Therrell.

LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS: Dear Santa Claus: Will you bring us a BB air rifle apiece and a compass so we won’t get lost. Your little friends, Howard Richardson and Fred Nabers, Louisville. – I am a little boy living in Rocky Hill community. I want a water wagon. Bring Norma Humphries a gold locket with her initials on it. Your little friend, Robert Wade, Louisville.

I am a little girl 8 years old in Calhoun school. I want a sleepy doll, doll buggy, sewing machine, a stove, lamp, fruit, nuts, candy. Do not forget my relatives. Your little girl, Johnny Lee Berry. – I am a little boy 6 years old. I want a bicycle, watch, chain knife, fruit, nuts, candy. Don’t forget my grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins, aunts, uncles. With love, James Berry, Louisville.

Santa, I have tried to be good. I want many things. Don’t disappoint me. Your friend, Bill Moore. – I am a little boy 8 years old in Bond school. I want a cowboy suit, fruit, fireworks, nuts, candy. Don’t forget my teacher, Billy, Rita and all other children and Peggy. Love, Jack Cockrell, Louisville.

I want a jumping Jack, French harp, rubber ball, fire works, fruit. Don’t forget Vernon Eaves and Johnnie Kirk. Your friend, Sam Hubbard Hill. – I am a little boy 6 years old. I am in the first grade. I want a dump truck, cap pistol, tractor, fireworks, fruit, candy. Your little boy, John Henry Fulton.

Please bring me a little iron and tub, candy, nuts, and fruit. Don’t forget all the little children. Your little girl, Nannie Sue Presley, Louisville. – I am a little girl 7 years old. I want a pair of mittens, set of Dionne quintuplets, Snow White dishes, fruit, nuts, and candy. Be sure to remember my teacher Miss Monroe, mother and daddy. Your little girl, Mitzi Jean Hight.