News of the Past by C.J. Johnson

100 Years Ago – May 10, 1912 The FRONT PAGE included a poem titled “The Titantic,” written by J. D. Strait of Louisville, Mississippi. The national news sections carried several stories about the tragedy. WEDDINGS: At the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Cockrell, nine miles east of Louisville, on April 28th, Mr. Doss Tabor and Miss Cockrell were married, Rev. N. B. Wallace officiating. NOXAPATER: Mrs. B. F. Curtis returned home Tuesday from a visit to her son, Rev. V. C. Curtis at Kosciusko. – Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Fowler are rejoiced over the arrival of a fine girl at their home on May 3rd. – The young people were pleasantly entertained on Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. Joe Carter. – Misses Nellie Woodall and Mary Miller of Plattsburg were guests of Mrs. Claud Mitchell the past Saturday. LOUISVILLE: The teachers at L. T. S. (Louisville Training School) have all returned to their homes for vacation this week. – The fine gray buggy horse of Capt. Schryver was killed by a lightening last week. – Mrs. W. J. Newsom and M. H. Woodward visited their sister,, Mrs. J. D. Weeks in Ackerman last Sunday. – Little Miss Jessie Graham visited her aunt Mrs. J. D. Stewart at Poplarville this week. DEATHS: Mrs. Viola Lemore Frazier, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Kinard, was born March 9, 1887 and died February 19, 1912. On January 1, 1911 she was united in marriage to Mr. Vester Frazier of Sturgis. 75 Years Ago – May 7, 1937 FRONT PAGE: The Zeppelin Hindenburg, the huge German airship, blew up at Lakehurst, New Jersey early last night. There were 100 passengers aboard and 50 of them were killed outright. The cause of the catastrophe was gas explosion. LOUISVILLE: Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dempsey, a fine boy April 25th. – Miss Mabel Atkinson returned to Quitaqua, Texas, Wednesday after a two weeks visit here to her sisters, Mrs. Marvin Clark and Miss Johnnie Atkinson. – Mrs. William Hansen and little daughter Ruby Louise of Mobile, are here on a visit to their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moorehead. The people of Harmony community, 12 miles south of Louisville, on Friday of last week were perhaps aroused as never before, when it was discovered that the little one and a half years old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stevenson had wandered off from home and was lost. During his ten hours absence, the frantic efforts of his parents and neighbors failing, appeal was made to the C.C.C. boys at Louisville Camp, who joined the hunt. J. C. Palmer, a neighbor, found the little fellow three quarters of a mile from home, unharmed and trying to sleep. NOXAPATER: Mrs. H. B. Watkins and Mrs. J. W. Young attended the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. Tomp McWilliams of DeKalb. – Mrs. Paul McBrayer had the pleasure of a visit from all of her children and many friends last Sunday, her birthday. DEATHS: Bright little Mary Anne Farish, three years old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Farish, passed away at a Meridian hospital on April 29th, having been seriously ill for only a few days, from meningitis and complications. – Mac Wade died in the Sanatorium at Magee, where he had been a patient for some time. He was an employee at the G. M. & N. Shops here. The Howard Drug Store has been greatly improved recently by the installation of a new cold drink fountain, of the latest type, and a general re-arrangement of the interior. From ELLISON RIDGE came the report that Mr. Charles Reed celebrated his 58th birthday Sunday April 25 with a group of friends and relatives. Dinner was served in picnic fashion. MARRIAGES: Mr. J. F. Myers and Miss Augusta , both of Philadelphia, on Saturday evening April 18 in the home of the bridegroom’s brother, Mr. and Mrs. Niles Myers, with Supervisor W. E. Woodward officiating. – Mr. James Hoyle McAlilly of Louisville and Miss Wila Sue Lee of Jackson were married on April 5. – Mr. Walker Wood and Miss Orene Roebuck were married last Friday evening, April 30.